intech50 first batch 2016

50 unique startups from all over India are being shortlisted every year by InTech50 for the past three years to showcase their most potential software products to the world.

An event by iSPIRT & Terenne Global, InTech50's fifty gems are selected after considerable contemplation by an experienced and qualified panel comprising of world renowned VCs, senior officials from Product companies and Chief Information Officers of some of the most reputed companies having global presence.

The 50 selections are done over different phases spread over the year. This year, during the first phase of selection, 15 companies with astounding products were able to make the cut out of the total 300 applications received.

The chosen companies are provided with expert advice, mentoring, product marketing support, and funding in order to grown and pitch their ideas to overseas markets. The selection is based on the following criteria:

1) Products already on the shelves in the market were chosen over those who were still at their initial concept stage.

2) Products that were easier to implement, use and see the light of the day fast were preferred over those that needed focused deep integration with enterprise systems.

3) Products that catered to horizontal opportunities over vertical ones made the cut.

4) Solutions that could serve as an "add-on”/”bolt-on” to the existing eco-system were given a go ahead.

Here are the 15 startups that have been selected for InTech50 2016:

1) FT Cash - Mobile payments have become a rage today. Cashing on this new trend is FT Cash. The main aim of the startup is to give the power of mobile payments in the hands of home based entrepreneurs, small businesses, retail chains and micro-merchants.

2) Indusface - Hailed as the industry’s first ever truly integrated web application security and compliance solution, Indusface Total Application Security (TAS) helps companies in rightfully detecting the application-layer vulnerabilities through the web application scanning process, patch them with web application firewall instantly and accurately observe the traffic for any potential threats and DDoS attacks.

3) Reverie Inc - Enabling web and mobile based applications to go multilingual, this powerful Cloud based platform hosted in AWS provides SDKs for the purpose of content localization and transliteration. The SDKs are known to comprise of APIs.

4) Teamchat - With most of the communication now happening on the online medium through various chatting and messaging platforms, Teamchat has great potential to succeed in today's time. The platform's Gupshup is known to provide a great opportunity to developers to create their own interactive, out-of-the box, programmable, omni-channel messaging bots and services as well as SDKs so as to make in-app and in-web messaging possible.

5) Uncanny Vision - Famous as the first deep level Learning-based SDK available for ARM Cortex-A series processors in the market, UncannyDL provides vision framework to be used for deep Learning models structured around Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

6) Yogurt Labs - Videos are the latest trend on social media which even big name like Facebook are openly supporting through their own means like autoplay and 360 degree features on their platform. Exploring this power of videos is FLIX, a video maker mobile app that can be used by businesses of any level, stage to creat powerful yet cost-effective videos in a matter of just a few minutes.

7) Cloudcherry - Customers are the king of the trade and Cloudcherry makes sure that the royalty is treated with good service every time they avail a service or buy a product. A real-time, Omni-channel customer experience management platform, Cloudcherry's sole aim is to improve customer's experience and help the client in knowing what's working with the customers and what is not.

8) Ideal Analytics - Running a business ain't an easy task but with Ideal Analytics, this difficult task turns into an easy and manageable one. The platform provides business with proactive business suggestions based on various advanced statistical & data mining techniques and business rules.

9) In10stech - An application development and deployment platform being built on modern OSGI architecture, In10tech helps in quick acceleration of the business.

10) WaveMaker - Its RAD Platform provides a helping hand to businesses in custom building their applications quickly and save their precious time in creating and maintaining the applications.

11) DronaHQ - Termed as a mCaaS – mobile container as a service, the mobile app acts a container that comes power packed with various engineering components like SSO, push notification etc. Further, it also has the capability to extend various other features by other third party web applications that can be successfully loaded on DronaHQ's top.

12) Senseforth - Fondly called as the humanlike conversation platform, it acts as a boon for enterprises as it allows them to simultaneously chat with millions of customers. The platform's assistants are trained to address tasks like customer queries, perform tasks, help customers shop and resolve issues.

13) Ideapoke- Catering the business to business category, Ideapoke extends help to organisations in acquiring innovation at a fast speed and reduced budget by finding them technology partners with whom they can connect and collaborate.

14) ToneTag - A product first company, TonsTag's mission is to make people aware about the great potential of mobile payments and bring a change in the payment ecosystem with the means of innovative payment products

15) Vymo - The Sales department still forms the backbone of some of the biggest sectors in the industry. With Vymo, this very important sector can accelerate their performance at a jet-speed rate. It converts all manual operations and decision making into rule based algorithms so that the sales representative can give their undivided attention to client dialogue rather than doing menial tasks like scheduling, follow ups, reminders and communication to the client. All these tasks are taken care by Vymo.

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