It's time to give yourself and your mom a break from all the laundry troubles. With the world advancing and adopting new technologies everyday, shouldn't our laundry habits change too? Instead of pilling on weeks and weeks of laundry together and clearing the mess out wasting your precious weekends, let LaundryAnna take control of the situation and do it for you. Imagine walking into a home which smells like fresh laundry. Dream scenario, isn't it?

According to the startup, prior to them there was a huge gap between affordability and good quality service for outsourced laundry. But, LaundryAnna has tried to solve this problem of the laundry sector by developing a sustainable business model. They have chosen the full stack model that ensures a lower processing rate along with great reliability.

[caption id="attachment_104819" align="aligncenter" width="700"](L-R) Prateeek, founder of LaundryAnna, with Achal. Director-Infrastructure (L-R) Prateeek, founder of LaundryAnna, with Achal. Director-Infrastructure [/caption]

Founded by Prateek Rana, a serial entrepreneur having a Hotel Management degree with ample experience in Customer relations and marketing management, the LaundryAnna core team comprises of some of the hardest working and intellectual brains in the business industry having prior experience of working with some of the biggest MNCs in the world.

Prateek has also co-founded another startup prior to LaundryAnna.

The Bangalore based startup's aim is to blend the sophistication of state-of-the-art fabric servicing with the easy availability of local dhobis. It even maintains its very own processing unit instead of outsourcing the garments to other vendors.

Most of the prestigious laundry establishments in the market nowadays end up recovering their exorbitant production costs by overcharging their customers. But, there isn't any such problem with LaundryAnna. The startup with its right infrastructural facility and an impeccably trained staff has been successful in bringing world-class drying and cleaning services to customers doorsteps. Not only has LaundryAnna been able to remove the disorganised tag associated with the laundry sector but also helped the local dhobis with good working environment and stable job opportunities.

Currently functional in a few areas in Bangalore, the startup aims to expand to the whole of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Pune and Mumbai in the coming few years.

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