India is one country that has an abundance of Human capital, we just need to use it wisely. We need to make sure that our youth is properly trained and informed before they enter the market. The founder of Delhi-based WeLoveHiring has similar views and has launched the startup with the intention of improving the workforce of our country by creating a symbiotic environment for both the employers and the job seekers. This will not only be a big help to the recruitment industry but is a huge step in making India the world's fastest-growing economy as well.


WeLoveHiring is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) based recruitment and training platform that works on the pay-per-use model. It offers features including webinars, Live interactive forum, SMS alert, ongoing performance evaluation, ongoing certifications, among others, on various topics to promote continuous professional development.

It was launched in 2015, with the aim of capturing this void in the job market and helping the employers find the right fit for their company. A lot of industries today are not aware of the right hiring practices and end up either over hiring or hiring the wrong people, both of which become a liability in the future.They aim at  providing the Next Generation Recruitment Experience. The startup works both ways, the also help job seekers, by finding the right workplace for them based on their skill set and qualifications.

The Founder

[caption id="attachment_104150" align="alignleft" width="193"]Shrishti Chaudhary Shrishti Choudhary - Founder of WeLoveHiring[/caption]

The startup was founded by Shrishti Choudhary. She has had five years of experience technology consulting before she decided to be an entrepreneur. After 5 years she realized it was time to use her skills to build something big and worthwhile, she wants to be more that just a consultant. Her first venture was Youngaze, which was a startup catering to the youth, helping them develop soft skills and thereafter she moved on to the Recruitment and training industry, where companies still rely on the age-old software and policies. This is how WeLoveHiring came into existence.


As a unique online platform, WeLoveHiring has many advantages such as

  • Pay per use

  • Anytime/anywhere accessibility

  • Pay as you go, Instant scalability

  • Security reliability

The users can use their platform to complete designated courses, learning plans, or approved external activities and enhance their resumes. They use techniques like gamification and  algorithm that would help in hiring and training the right employees and also keep the people interested and engaged.


The founder had an interest in the recruitment industry of India and her frist venture was based on similar lines. She knew the shortcomings of this industry and knew exactly what it was that the companies needed to make better hires. They tapped this void in the job market by aiding users, prospective employees and companies and organizations as well.

Apart from helping in the hiring process, they also aid the organizations in employee assessment and talent measurement. They help companies measure the competence, commitment and contribution of employees towards the organization. This increases the productivity of employees and helps them realize their potential and is beneficial to the companies as well.


WeLoveHiring platform is currently in Beta stage and is still working on their strategies and the methodologies they need. They are planning to use game mechanics to motivate employees by introducing elements like points, levels, and goals to incentivize actions and keep them motivated and interested as well. They believe that using age old methods is not the right way to go, we need to keep up with the changing trends. They strive to come up with solutions that work in a symbiotic manner.

Teams at WeLoveHiring are also working towards exploring a framework between converting free users to customers and up-selling paid customers to more comprehensive packages.
They are in constant touch with a number of companies and universities and use their input while developing their strategies and packages.

They are currently in the bootstrapped stage and are in talks with major investors.

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