Chinese ecommerce giant, Alibaba is all set to take covers off from its first internet car in April. Informing about the technology used in the ‘Smart Car’, Wang Jian, Chief Technology Officer,internet character is one of the car’s technological innovations. However, he didn’t reveal the further details of the SUV and commented that the inside details will be revealed during the launch.

The car jointly developed by Alibaba and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) is equipped with real car-based smart operation system which has proprietary intellectual property rights.

This will be an energy-saving car whose battery will retain 80 percent of its storage capacity after running 160,000 km. Internet cars adopt technologies including computer, modern sensor, information fusion, telecommunication, artificial intelligence and automatic control.

Independent development of smart operation system plays a key role in the process to transform an ordinary car to an internet car. In order to fulfill this task, Alibaba arranged over 800 researchers for the project and invested billions of dollars into the project.

“The internet car will not only promote people-to-car communication, it will expand car-to-car, car-to-road, and car-to-infrastructure communication too,” adds Wang.

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