The much famous Indian retail sector now has a retail coach on board. For people trying to comprehend what am I saying, let me break it down for you. Your Retail Coach, is a Pune based retail business management startup.
It is primarily into development of SOP i.e. Standard Operating Procedures for the Retail Sector.

The startup aims to abolish the ages old "banya" tag associated with the retail sector by managing the Front and Back office Operations of all young, dynamic, visionary and confident retailers who have an ambition of expanding to multi chain outlets and unleash their true potential.

Your Retail Coach, which is an expert service division of Mind-A-Mend Group, was started in the year 2012 as a soft skills and Sales Training Consultancy. But, soon after they realised that training was a short term motivational activity and couldn't really provide long term solutions for their operational difficulties. This is when Mr. Nikhil Agarwal, MSc. (International Business & Finance) and one of the co-founders of the company suggested developing SOPs which he had observed in all the organised retail businesses during his time overseas. Taking lead on his suggestion, the company went head-on with the survey of understanding the need of SOP in the Retail Sector in Mumbai and Pune areas.

Initially, they did face a hard time since the services being offered were niche and the retailers were taking a lot of time in understanding its importance. But once they did, they never left the startup's side.

The startup has already developed SOPs for more than 30 brands till date and is still associated with more than 85% of their clients.

Another thing which sets them apart from their competition is the fact that they not only design SOPs but also implement them for the retailers. Further, they also manage the Front Office Operations of the retailers who want to outsource.


Rupal Shah Agarwal, Nikhil Agarwal and Varun Shah, are the brains behind this unique startup. Having come from different educational background, each one of them has a unique capability to offer, which has really added to the startup.

The startup hasn't received any funding as of yet and has re-invested in the business from whatever they have earned from it. By keeping quality of their services at check, they're hopeful that they will be able to achieve their 100 crores revenue goal by another four years.

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