Online shopping has really caught on in India now, people aren't as hesitant as before and have become more open to the idea of buying things online. One major reason for this shift in the trend are the more than lucrative discounts and offers given by these e-commerce websites. If you get something at half the price, anyone is more likely to buy the product. After people realized that this discount trend is here to stay, you would find websites with all the discount coupons on one place creeping up. One such startup is Hyderabad-based HappyCheckOut, but with a twist!

A large number of online stores with varied offers have led to a growing number of coupon websites which trick consumers by showing up in google and leaving them disappointed during checkout. In order to address such resentful shoppers that are HappyCheckout was created.


In principle HappyCheckOut is like another run in the mill coupon website but there are certain things set them apart from the rest.  They offer discount coupons along with Brand promise of verified coupons with guaranteed discounts, unlike other websites where half the coupons are out of date or don't work at all. Their main intention is to satify their customers and it shows in the way they run their website and their intention. HappyCheckout’s services are as follows:
1. Discount Coupons
2. Discount deals
3. Reward deals
Their mantra is, "Save more and stay happy"

This was an initiative by a group of people who love shopping but have faced harassment at the hands of not at all useful websites. In order to address such resentful shoppers, HappyCheckout was created, "By the Shoppers, For the Shoppers".

HappyCheckout’s tie-ups include brands like Ola, KFC, Paytm, Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, Uber, Foodpanda & many more


Uday Nandan, is an experience designer by profession and serial entrepreneur by passion. He has had various experiences in versatile fields like software user interface design, digital marketing, mobile and proximity marketing.

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Despite being like any other coupon website, they are a bit different. The biggest difference, which is also their biggest selling point is their intention. Making profits is a part of every business, but they claim that they are not at all money centric and stress more on customer satisfaction as compared to their competitors. This is proved by the fact that they do not run any kind of advertisements on their website. Also their website has a very simple design and interaction system and is not at all complicated. The users can use this website with great ease without being lost.

Also, apart from the normal coupons and discounts being offered, they have an exclusive tie-up with various online merchants who give exclusive happy-offer coupons which can be used only by their visitors.


Their target market consists of anyone and everyone who shops online or wishes to shop online. They want to cater to this huge crowd of users who are looking for deals and offers to buy the things they want with some concession.


HaapyCheckout has closed a recent funding of 300K (USD) which is now used for more business strategies and global expansion plans.


Happycheckout currently ranks in 3617 in India and it's global rank is 48,413.[ via Alexa ranking]
They have currently invested all their resoures in capturing the Indian market, and once they are done with this, they intend to set foot in many locations and carry forward their vision. The regions they want to expand to include reaching out to USA, UK, Australia and more potential areas.

Online shoppers have been able to save a whopping amount of 35.5 crores via coupon provided them. Other than that 25 lakhs coupons have been redeemed so far. More than 2 million have joined them and have enjoyed their services since their inception.

HappyCheckout has extended their services via the mobile app, recently. Their mobile app is available for IOS, Window, Apple and Android platform. This portal is dedicated to making online shopping a better experience for online shoppers.

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