Today we have a lot of platforms that offer us solution to our travel problems like Ola, Uber which offer us cabs at our doorstep, or ZoomCar the provide us with self driven cars and various other platforms providing similar services with a slight variation. What if you could find all of this in one place, no need to go to different apps or websites. New Delhi-based TaxiVaxi is the complete solution to all your travel needs.


TaxiVaxi is a one stop destination for all your road travel problems. They provide Radio Cabs, Outstation cabs, Self Drive Cars, Self Drive Bikes and Carpooling at one place. Like the saying goes "Mother is the need of all invention", similar was the case here. The founders faced a similar situation and out of frustration with the existing services, the idea which led to TaxiVaxi was born.


TaxiVaxi was founded by three engineers with a vision to conquer the roads. Coming from different backgrounds, the three of them as a group have a combined set of skills that make a great team.

Neeraj Tayal is the CEO of the company. He is an Engineer and an MBA and has cleared CFA level 2 as well. Before turning to the startup industry he has worked in corporate baking for about 8 years.

Ankit Gupta is the COO of the company. He also is an MBA along with being an engineer. He has worked in the sales and marketing field, for over 8 years before this.

Vinod Kumar is the CTO of the company. Like his co-founders, he is also an engineer with an experience of more than 10 years in the IT field.

Apart from the founder they have a team of 10+ members from IITs, IIMs and ISBs graduates.


TaxiVaxi is a one of a kind platform the provides all kinds of solution for road travel from simple cab hiring to car pooling. TaxiVaxi has a network of verified and trusted vendors across the nation. What makes them different is that unlike other startups providing services along the same lines, they provide all sorts of services available at one location. Apart from this they also provide the facility of rate comparison between different vendors.

Here the user has a wide range of options in front of him and can choose whatever suits him/her best without having to toggle between services. Given below are some features provided by the app:

  • Online booking

  • Real time confirmation of booking from the system

  • Cab allocation and driver allocation from the system

  • SMS, Email communication to the passengers/ company management from the system

  • Every booking can be tracked online

  • MIS preparation, monthly or yearly travel report


They have received Angel funding of an undisclosed amount in the November of 2015.


The company was launched in 2015 and since then has had 10000+ users and tie ups with 9 companies, 70 cab operators and package tours as well. Apart from this they also provide cabs to some major corporate as well. The detailed statistics are given below:

  • 90 cities for radio taxi

  • 30 cities for outstation cabs

  • 30 cities for corporate services

  • 10 cities for self drive bikes and cars

They put in extra efforts when partnering with operators to ensure safety of their customers. They associate with their operators only after complete verification and authentication.

Keeping up with the trends, TaxiVaxi has come up with a solution to the odd/even rule by the Delhi government as well.


The startup has a very structured plan to what they will do in the coming future. Their immediate plan is to integrate 1 million cabs pan India in the next 1 year and improve the utilization of cabs by more than 50%. Apart from this they are planning to expand within and also outside of India in the near future.

They are also planning to diversify and enter into more fields. They have plans of launching a travel magazine by the name of TaxiVaxi Diaries, with the intention of promoting tourism in India and will talk about places less travelled in the country. Another of their out of the box ideas is to start with a Dhaba Menu on the drive. This is specifically for those people who hire cabs while on a holiday trip.

One of their long term plan is to launch new products like radio bikes, shuttle services.

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