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A clean and tidy home is everyone's dream. After a long day at work, one just wants to go back to a clean, well arranged place where everything you need is right in front of your eyes and you don't have to spend the precious 'me' time you had projected in finding the sunglasses that you have to wear tomorrow. Sounds like your dream scenario, too? Well, making these 21st century modern dreams come true is an Aurangabad, Maharashtra based startup called Tidy Homz.

The startup is an online one-stop platform for all your home related needs, right from the often needed basic utility items to some fancier wooden furniture and furnishings, everything has been available on the platform.

With Tidy Homz, Pritika Chatterjee and Ajinkya Save, founders, aim to innovate, manufacture and even import in certain products which they think should be a basic in every Indian household.

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Further, they aspire to make the daily Indian living much more simpler and easier. Their main mission is to get people interested in the various market products for their household which they might have not even known or seen before.

According to them, the typical Indian buyer always seeks for two things i.e. good quality and good price. And, these two are the things which set Tidy Homz apart from any other such startup currently in the market. In addition to this, they manufacture their own products and the parent company of Tidyhomz is an export house therefore the company says it understands what it takes to make a good product.

Tidyhomz launched its website on 8th January 2016 and have got close to 250 orders in just 10 days. The unique startup has around 250 SKUs till now and starting 1st Feb, they aspire to introduce at least 2 products per week.

Their parent company has put in 2 crores initially and now the startup is looking out for external investments.

The startup's future plans include taking the number of SKUs from the current 250 to 1,000 figure by the end of the year and have a good presence in all the 65 cities that they're catering to right now.

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