Too many options are more of a bad news than good news in the 21st century. And, when it comes to education, this bad news becomes worst. Students are nowadays bombarded with options when it comes to choosing their perfect college. Understanding the mental state that a student goes through while choosing their dream college, a Ghaziabad based startup called Admito has come up with a unique solution.

Focussing on MBA aspirants, Admito isn't just a tool but more of a friend who understands a student and his/her needs. Its algorithm gives the student the most corrective and accurate information about the choices available to him while shortlisting colleges.

Claiming to be an expert in profiling, a master in information processing and an ace in counseling, Admito aims to deliver trustworthy intelligence at the fingertips, absolutely free of cost.

Admito is the result of the cumulative effort of 5 like- minded individuals, Manu Jain, Sahil Garg, Suprabhat Sen, Himanshu Mendiratta and Mukesh Kumar. According to the founders, Admito isn't an overnight dream, it is actually a result of cumulative frustration acquired during their own college selection process. Before getting into IMT Ghaziabad(where four of the founders have studied), they had to undergo a very stressful period of 8 months, where they were highly confused since the options were plenty but the decision that needed to be made was one.

MBA is one of the most important decisions of a person's life. It is a decision on which his whole life depends. Decisions from college application to be filled to selection the final college, a lot of other crucial decisions have to be made. College Selection is not just based on a single parameter, there are a plenty of things that need to be considered. Placements, Brand Value, Specialization, Location, Fee, Alumni Base, Entrepreneurship activity and many such parameters works simultaneously.

According to a survey done by Admito, 5 out of 8 students are not satisfied with their choice of MBA college. The startup aims to change this scenario by streamlining the entire admission process. x

Launched on 23rd Sept this year, the self-funded startup has already been receiving 10k monthly visits and has more than 700 users to its credit. With a current database of 50 college of MBA, Admito plans to achieve the target of 250 colleges by December this year and 1000 colleges by June next year. Admito is currently incubating in IMT Ghaziabad

Still confused about MBA, you know now where to head to.

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