Search giant Google has announced two new initiatives for the enterprises and startups in India. Under the new initiatives, Google will now cover the fees of Google Apps for any business locked into an enterprise agreement (EA) with another provider until its contract runs out. Once the current EA is up, Google will offer a contract with no additional traps. As per estimates, this will help most businesses with basic EAs and no dependencies to potentially unlock savings of up to 70 percent by switching to Google Apps for Work.

On the startup front, Google said it would offer USD 20,000 (about Rs 13,23,900) each in free credits for 'Google Cloud Services' to 1,000 startups in India over the next one year. Google will also offer free consultation and training to these startups. The 1000 startups will need to meet certain criteria with regards to funding, usage, etc to be eligible for the credit.

The criteria includes that the startup should not have raised funding of more than $5 million, less than $500,000 in annual revenue and not received previous cloud platforms credits.

Speaking at the launch of these initiatives, Amit Singh, President, Google For Work, said "With the second largest developer population in the world, India is poised to be home to next generation of global software firms. We’re committed to partner these next-gen companies and enterprises as a trusted provider of affordable, collaborative and easy to use productivity and cloud computing tools to help them succeed. Over the last few years, we have gained tremendous momentum in helping companies go Google in India and we’re confident that with these new initiatives, we will further bring down the barriers for companies to make the switch to Google Apps."

These new initiatives by Google for growing startup community of India will help the country's startups who are held back by a lack of computing to power, to build, deploy and scale the next big innovation on the web respectively.

On the security aspect, Google says that it offers full encryption to its business customers, where the encryption keys are held by the business.

Google's suite of business apps include Gmail, Hangouts, Docs for business as well as analytics app and Google Vault, which lets business archive, search their email.

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