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For those well aware of the technology industry, must be well versed with the personality, Jason Fernandes. Belonging to the same school as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Linus Torvalds, Fernandes also has a bucket of awards to his credit. But, what makes us talk about him now is his new startup, SmartKlock Inc.

Fernandes has recently began a Kickstarter campaign to raise $350,000 as initial capital for his new venture. SmartKlock Inc. has created a platform to receive and manage notifications through an RFID-enabled clock.

Touted as the worlds first socially aware, always connected Smart Clock, SmartKlock makes internet connected devices that in addition to telling the time also provide visual audio or tactile notifications from a wide range of internet based sources.

The startup has already created its first device, SmartKlock One, which is like a platform to keep track of notifications and updates. The platform can prove to be of great help to any industry that includes monitoring of multiple metrics simultaneously, such as medical, fitness or the finance industry.


One of the things that sets the 32-year-old Fernandes apart from all his contemporaries is his ability to defy the odds and keep working hard towards his goals. Despite of being born with dyslexia, dysgraphia, hyper activity attention disorder and dyscalculia, he has been able to reach where he is now.

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According to Fernandes, the best appreciation that he has achieved till date is from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. In December 2014, Fernandes was acknowledged as an innovator by Mr. Wozniak, when he shared his idea about SmartKlock One with him.

His first venture was the RecordTV, the first legal Internet based TV recorder in the world which he had co-invented with his brother Carlos Fernandes. After six years Fernandes decided to take a break and start his own venture.

Fernandes already has awards like Startup@Singapore, the first national technopreneurship competition at Singapore, the "Best Business Plan" award from Sybase Singapore in the Global Entrepreneurs Challenge at Stanford University, California etc. to his credit.

The habitual entrepreneur started on his entrepreneurial journey quite young. While in kindergarten, most of us were figuring out how did actual money work, Fernandes had already started what he calls his 'first business venture' and started making money. " I commandeered the play horse and I began to charge students to ride it," divulged Fernandes to a national daily.

Taking cue from his own life and experience, he has also started a non-profit organization called LDkids.org. The organisation works as a support group and information centre for people with learning disabilities.

With all this achieved at such a young age of 32, we're sure that Fernandes has a long successful path ahead of him and we wish him all the best for the same.

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