Bigger is always better. And, when it comes to the world of touchscreen, this particular saying is very much, 100 percent true. The way in which we interact with screens has changed dramatically over the past few years. Nowadays, not even an hour passes that we haven't laid our hands on a touchscreen. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, everything now comes with a touchscreen which gives the user an enchanting experience.

The only day to day electronic viewing device which hadn't been bit by the touchscreen buzz yet was our television but that is not the case anymore. Touchjet WAVE is the name of the device making our dream of a touchscreen TV come true. Having already received a funding of over $400,000, which is something 400% above the team’s original $100,000 goal, the project has already hit all the right notes with the people.

The WAVE can mount on any TV up to 80 inches with an HDMI port, has the potential to run any Android application that you want it to and can also connect to Wi-Fi for streaming video as well as downloading new apps. Best of all, this wonder device will only cost you $129 if you pledge right now.

According to WAVE's Indiegogo page, it "uses bleeding edge infrared technology to track finger movements and taps across the screen. WAVE's Light Processing Unit translates these infrared inputs into gestures and taps that the Android system can understand.”

If you're too tired to walk up to your television and switch it on, don't worry at all and allot that task to WAVE. The WAVE can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet with the mobile companion app. In order to give everyone a larger and clearer view of recent trip's pictures and videos, you can also share the images, videos and documents from your mobile device to the WAVE.

The current plan of the Touchjet team is to end the campaign sometime next month, test the device throughout the year and then start shipping the device to backers as early as in March 2016. The global launch of the product is expected to take place sometime in April 2016.

A similar device launched by same company -TouchJet, called TouchPico which is capable of turning any flat screen or even a wall into an interactive screen.

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