Is your best friend's wedding scheduled for next month and you have just discovered the perfect lehanga online but are skeptical about ordering it because you don't know if it would be delivered on time and even if it's delivered on time you won't be at home to receive the package in person and since it is a costly purchase and you don't want to end up losing it in transit? Is this the dilemma that you face every time you order something online? Well, not anymore, because with Doorguy's services at your disposal, you won't have to worry about the delivery of your online goods ever again.

Doorguy is a simple package delivery scheduling system which allows customers to get their online purchases delivered to their door at the time they choose.

The Gurgaon based startup is essentially a package delivery scheduling service that allows users to get their online purchases (or anything else) delivered to their doorstep until midnight. One can choose the day and even the time that they want the packages to be delivered, and they will never-ever again miss another delivery, or need to lug heavy boxes home back from work.

The Startup's aim is to streamline the delivery process so that users can receive their packages stress-free. The process to avail Doorguy's services is really simple. When you create an account with Doorguy, you’ll receive a unique shipping address at Doorguy's depot. So, the next time you shop online, you are required to enter this address as your own. Whenever they receive your package, they notify you about the same and let you schedule a delivery time for that same day or any day in the future. They will come straight away to your door and hand-deliver your package to you for just an extra cost of Rs.19/package.

In odd circumstances, for example, if user is out of town to recieve package, Doorguy can hold the packages for 15 days at no extra cost. After 15 days, user will charge Rs.10/day per package.

The service is very useful for busy city dwelling professionals, people who work late in office, people living alone or college students. As most of the time these kind of people are not available at their residences to recieve packages purchased online Doorguy comes handy for them.

This wonderful idea of starting a package delivery service came to Anshul Garg, an IIT Roorkee graduate. DoorGuy is currently available only in Gurgaon but they have plans of expanding to NCR very soon.

The startup claims to be the only company/service that provides package delivery at customer's schedule (including date and even time).

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