3 Industries Startups Can Disrupt With The 'Internet of Things' In India

Internet of Things or IoT as it is famously known, is the power of the future. The term basically means a wireless network of "things" with embedded technology that can communicate without any human interaction. From our phones to cars to even our refrigerators, everything is turning smart all thanks to IoT.

By 2020, it is estimated, that there would be more than 26 million wireless devices connected to the Internet. This rise in the usage of IoT is the result of its quick adoption by various industries. These industries are adopting this technology in a bid to become more smarter and quicker. Further, these industries are full of enthusiastic and new entrepreneurs filled with the passion of making the best use of the technology available to them in order to improve the company's communication and service.

Here we present you a list if three companies who are rocking this IoT wave.

1) Healthcare -

IoT can prove to be of a great benefit to the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is marked with the constant demand for improvement in safety, health and care and hence, IoT can provide a helping hand in improving all these departments. Hospitals and clinics are now capable of collecting, recording and analysing important data, in a more efficient and quicker way, all due to the Wi-Fi enabled medical devices and tools available due to the explosion of IoT. The usage of IoT enabled devices in the industry has resulted in a marked improvement in the productivity of the employees and dispensation of treatment and diagnosis services.

Furthermore, the wireless healthcare devices are gaining more popularity day by day as people with chronic diseases or those in old age are making good use of these devices to alert the medical officers in case of any emergency with just a push of a button.

2) Manufacturing -

The Manufacturing industry is said to be one of the earliest benefiter of the IoT technology. Currently, there are a large number of wireless devices and sensors deployed around the globe, which are network linked to factories. These networks are making the day to day operations of these industries more easier and smarter. Sensor based technology is used in these industries in order to implement a more smart manufacturing system. King’s Hawaiian was reportedly able to up its production of bread by an extra 180,000 pounds, on a daily basis, after it started using IOT based technology.

3) Retail -

The concept of online shopping has taken the retail world by storm. IoT has added to the success of this sector as now the retailers can keep a track of their customers and inventory, in real time, using the IoT technology. Not only the online shopping sites, even the regular brick and mortar stores are now making use of the IoT technology to get customer feedback and give a more personalized experience to the buyer. Details like shopping history, location and other information regarding target demographics allows the retail sector to improve the customer experience significantly.

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