If you're student or a homemaker or basically anyone wanting to make use of those extra hours you get off in the day to make some extra bucks for yourself, then you must be knowing that finding a part-time job in India ain't an easy task. With the internet filled with exciting but fraudulent part-time job offers, one needs to have an eye of an eagle to filter the good ones from the bad. Making this taxing process much more easier and sorted for you is a Chennai based startup called is an online portal that facilitates employers to hire and job seekers to finding the perfect part-time jobs. It is basically a marketplace where anyone and everyone can list their openings which are micro, contract, temporary, part-time and one time tasks.

The main idea behind is to help organize part time and flexi works in the country and make the best use of the untapped – skilled human resources, who aren't able to take up a regular job due to certain circumstances and societal/social conditions.

The newly launched platform helps part- time job seekers search jobs on the basis of location and timing preferences. Part-time jobs are listed on the platform on a freemium model in order to get more and more opportunities listed for the job seekers. DoPartTime is also available as an Andriod App.

DoPartTime covers vast geographical locations of India as one can find jobs from Chennai to Gurgaon or Mumbai to Bangalore.


The currently lean bootstrapped startup which is incubated in StartTank, Chennai, has been co-founded by two enthusiastic individuals, Mohankumar Swaminathan and Arun David. Mohan is a computer science graduate with almost three years of experience in IT / ITES / Public sector / Transport industry. David, on the other hand, is a Programming, Technology, and Internet enthusiast with ample of experience in software engineering having worked as a Software Engineer for a leading Indian MNC.

So, if you have a relative, friend or any acquaintance, who has been looking for "the perfect part-time job" forever, then go recommend them right away.

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