If you're not able to market your product/startup to the right audience then it really doesn't matter if you have the best quality or features on offer in the market. In this highly competitive market, being visible and being able to market your product well is all you need to survive nowadays. So, in order to help those early stage startups dealing with their initial marketing hiccups is a Jaipur based startup called EarlyByte.

EarlyByte gives a curated overview of the early stage Indian startups. It helps young entrepreneurs show off their startup to an audience of early adopters and receive their valuable feedback on the products and services offered.

EarlyByte is essentially a place for early adopters to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech-creations.

With the Indian startup industry booming like never before, a new startup is being launched almost every day. But, the bad news is that most of these startups aren't able to survive the initial few months and die an untimely death as they're not able to target and captivate their right audience. This where EarlyByte comes to picture. Since the platform's audience consists of early adopters, startup founders & other entrepreneurs coming to the website only to sign up for new services, this makes it "the" platform to advertise for new product or services. In addition to this, getting featured on their site is absolutely free of cost.

earlybyte screen

EarlyByte's main competitors are International companies like Beta list and Product hunt. These international companies have international audiences too but the main thing that makes EarlyByte score against them is that the startup's main audience are Indians who are the main focus of any Indian startup in the initial stages.

The currently Bootstrapped startup is the product of the geniuses of an IIT Roorkee Computer Science and Engineering graduate, Anshul Garg.

"Indian Startups can get publicity with Product hunt and BetaList but they don't get potential customers. Also It would be bizarre if any early-stage Indian startup decides to pay for example $999 for advertising on them for -
2 weeks site ads, 2 weeks newsletter ads or 2 tweets for audience who are not even their potential customer." says Anshul. EarlyByte's main audience are Indians which are the main focus of any Indian Startups in their initial days, he added

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