Innovation is the key to survival nowadays. With new apps and technologies being invented every now and then, being technology advanced is the way to stay ahead of this mad race of achieving the numero uno position. If you're startup and have no clue of this new world of software and technology that you're just about to enter, then don't worry at all. Because, we, at www.indianweb2.com have complied a list of top five must have software platform tools for entrepreneurs and startups.

Here we go!

1) Salesforce - This is a must, must have software for startups. Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management software that offers its customers multiple features such as managing contacts, potential clients and opportunities, tools to automate the workflow as well as collaboration tools for their team members. Further, you can customise your subscription plan according to your needs and budget.

2) HelpScout - Being a startup startup who has just put its first foot in the industry, you have a limited budget in hand. In situations like these, providing customer support to your customers can become a little pain in the neck. But, being a startup, you can afford to neglect this as a startup a lot of success depends upon the reputation you have among your customer base. This is where HelpScout comes to the rescue. HelpScout provides online support to customers by providing them solutions online through tutorials, instructions, documents and more.

3) FWI Content Manager Web - The Content Manager Web being offered by FWI can act as a great backup buddy when you're stepping your infant steps into the industry. This Content Manager Web gives its customers the facility to access their network, at anytime, from anywhere and from any browser or device of their choice. It further allows them to stay in touch with their data sources, so that they can easily display the content on screens across all their networks.

4) Web Analytics - Web Analytics are another must haves for the startups. The web analytics provided by the search giant, Google, is absolutely free of cost but can prove as a good analytical tool for all the happenings on your website.

5) TribeHR for Human Resource needs - In various startups, due to the money crunch problem, the top management doubles up as the HR Managers. In such situations, you can give cloud-based software options such as TribeHR a try.

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