Automation tools are software that converts manual tasks, operations or campaigns within your business into automated workflows. It's how organizations can accomplish more with what they have. Automation helps to put time-consuming tasks into auto-pilot and saves ample time to focus on other crucial aspects of the business.

Below, we have mentioned some of the best automation tools for business in 2021 that will automate tasks and save ample time to focus on boosting productivity.

  1. Chatbot
  2. Email and SMS
  3. Buffer
  4. Grammarly
  5. Shopify
  6. Xero
  7. Wordstream
  8. Calendly
  9. Zapier
  10. Slack


It is a great way to leverage virtual assistants to improve consumer relationships on a company's website. With the present innovation of regular language processing, using a chatbot on an organisation's site builds commitment and further develops consumer loyalty without employing any human labour. The Chatbot works through an Artificial Intelligence program. It simulates conversions with the user in natural language (making human-like conversions) through websites, messaging applications, or by phone. With a pre-built chatbot, critical information of user inputs can be saved, which is used later to know the audience better.

Email and SMS

Email marketing and messaging is a powerful ingredient to diversify business growth. Without email marketing and SMS, online business is incomplete. Sending across hundreds of emails to consumers is time-consuming and a cumbersome process at the same time; it is crucial for business success that you cannot even ignore it. With automation tools, hundreds of emails can be sent simultaneously in one shot, and customised SMS can be sent to consumers at the same time. Business automation helps to contact the right individual at the perfect time right away. Construct custom automated workflows for messages and client experience.


You must be on social media. Of course, yes. Either you have a social media account, or you own a website. Right? Being active on social media means half of your peak time is gone, and at times it feels like social media is running your life rather than the other way around. And there comes the role of buffer, an automation tool that stores your social updates with automatic scheduling.

You can top it off with helpful substance, set a timetable, and buffer will distribute it at set occasions for the day. You don't need to do anything. You can deal with all your social accounts from one place and, with one look, check whether they are running out of material—far superior to hopping from one account to another.


Everyone knows Content is king. And for every Content, you require many write-ups, written information to inform the audience about the businesses, appealing headlines, copywriting for marketing purposes and much more. So, content writing is required even in the smallest of sectors. In short, in most of the niches. So Grammarly does not make your writing foolproof. Still, it saves your time by saving you from those essential spelling and punctuation mistakes and so on, making your Content engaging, clarifying and context-specific.


Shopify helps to run an eCommerce website business. It is a marketing automation software that automates workflows across all your stores with Shopify flow. It eliminates human error by automating inventory decisions and fraud risk and experiments in seconds with simple to use layouts and templates which you can customise to meet your needs or make your work processes. It offers a lot of incredible productivity applications in its App Store. Many of these are intended for automation, including Arigato Automation or "the application with million uses", Shop Workflow Automation and Stock Sync with seamless integrations.


As the company expands, the more accounting documentation it requires. Xero is an automated accounting software whose primary function is bookkeeping, online invoicing, quick bank reconciliation and inventory management. Small businesses have the option to opt for a full-time payroll solution via their partner, Gusto. Clients can run limitless finance through a natural interface. Finance information synchronises with Xero for quicker reconciliation, so clients will not have to re-enter information physically. Xero provides easy to use automated financial tools with robust security and multi-level functionality.


The traditional business requires the help of media, newspaper to publish and promote their products and services, but when it comes to online business, we require advertisement management software solutions that manage all the social media ads campaigns from a single dashboard. Wordstream aims to provide online advertising solutions from ads creation to campaign monitoring and reporting, driving business growth through marketing automation software tools. Online, there are many social media options like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, bing ads, google ads, etc. Managing all advertising media involves a time-consuming process. Still, workstream does that to serve medium and small businesses boosting you to run ads campaign driving so you can experience an outgrowth.


Calendly helps to schedule meetings professionally, eliminating the hassle of keeping track of dozens of meetings. And the worst is trying to nail down a mutually agreeable time. It solves that pain point. It is effortless to use. Let Calendly know your availability preference, then send your guest's calendly link or embed it on their website. The guests will pick a time, and the event is added to your calendar. Meetings are scheduled, reminders go automatically to the concerned person, and rescheduling is a breeze for everyone connected with the meeting. It put the entire meeting workflow on autopilot mode, from reminding messages to thank you notes to focus on more important works for the business.


Zapier is one productivity automation tool that connects your services with the applications. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without developers for coding to integrate them. The thought behind this automation instrument is to assist you with making more relevant and custom workflows. To save you time and make it conceivable to zero in on the significant parts of your work. Also, because everybody has different applications or services throughout their workday, Zapier offers coordination with countless such destinations. If you're contemplating whether your favourite application is among these, look at all the applications that Zapier connects with.


Slack is the new way for the entire company to communicate with each other.

It replaces email with something quicker, better coordinated and more secure. Instead of one-off email chains, all your correspondence is coordinated into channels that are not difficult to make, join and search.

Slack connects both partners with tools and applications to give the best team practices. Slack groups communicate through channels, which can be coordinated depending on projects, location, divisions, etc. It has both private and public channels so that you can track any work cycle inside team activities. To streamline work by connecting slack with other devices such as Gmail, Google Drive.

Trello, Zapier, Zendesk and many others automate away everyday tasks and communication with slack, no coding required.

Wrapping up

Automation tools are the key to any business because you need to adapt quickly to the changing business needs. Without automating your workflows, no business can grow. Therefore choose it among all wisely.

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