Has owning a miniature of your favourite superhero character always been your dream? Well, this dream can now see the daylight and become a reality with a super company from Mumbai called Planet Superheroes totally understanding your hero mania and becoming a superhero in their own way for all those superhero fanatics out there.

Founded in the year 2013, the startup boasts of being the country's only online website dedicated to authentic Superhero & Comic Character Merchandise. With Planet Superheroes, the founders have an aim of disrupting the nascent but exploding character merchandising space in India.

It's a little absurd to note that even though India has a multi-billion dollar entertainment business, we still don't have enough players catering to the Indian's merchandise need. This is what triggered the founders, Jaineel Aga, Sumit Shah and Karan Rai, to come up with Planet Superheroes.

website planetsuperheroes

The Mumbai headquartered company is just not another e-commerce merchandising company on the block. Planet superheroes is different from others in its domain as it is the only one offering 100% authenticity proof Superhero and Comic Merchandise products across hundred categories. According to them, they are like a proverbial "Candy Shop" for any Superhero Candy.

With the popularity of shows and movies like The Avengers and Game of Thrones etc. growing at an exponential rate in India, the demand for there merchandising has also increased manifolds.

The currently bootstrapped startup is now looking on raising an angel round in order to pursue the future goals for the startup.

Planet superheroes future plans includes introducing cartoons from the 90s like Johnny Bravo T-Shirts & Dexter Hoodies, Bar Accessories themed around "Duff Beer" from the Simpsons etc. that have great Nostalgic Value attached to them. Further, the startup also has plans of launching its native platform and app soon.

So, if you're also a superhero fanatic, then this is the "it" place to be.

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