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Most of the entrepreneurs while starting up are a little short on the money aspect. They try to save as much money as possible by cutting down on unwanted expenses. During this, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of pulling out the funds from the marketing aspect of their startup. Let's assume that you have an excellent quality product/ service on offer but what is the use of having such a high quality product when you're unable to make it reach its target audience? Hence, to bail out those startups contemplating on dumping their marketing money on other aspects of the startup, we at have made a list of five awesome ways to marketing your startup with minimum budget.

1.Make your website your tool -

Your startup's website is the destination for all your advertising and marketing effort. Your website is the place where you want people to land up in order to get more information about the company and product and services you have on offer. Having a well designed website where the visitors are able to engage with your services can help you transform those visitors into real customers. Make sure you have a comment box where people are able to voice their experiences, suggestions as it adds more credibility to your startup.

2.Make sure you're easily discoverable on the net -

There are a plethora of free listing websites and local directories where you can register and list your startups absolutely free of cost. Make sure you have your presence on sites like Yahoo local, Yelp, Bing and other such sites.

3.Social Media is the way -

Everyone knows how important is social media presence nowadays but just having an account on these networks won't solve the purpose. Make sure that your profile is interesting and updated regularly. Having consistency across various platforms will also help your purpose.

4.Mail List-

While message marketing might have seen the door, email marketing is still one of the hottest and widest used tool for marketing. This helps you in making a direct connect with your customers.

5.Offer Freebies -

Everybody loves sales, discounts and offers. Make sure you offer these time to time in order to get more visibility amongst your target base.

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