We have everything;from Smartphone to Smart TV to smart watch and just when you thought nothing can be made much smarter, a new smart device comes in the market to prove us wrong.

This time it’s a smart car, a car which notifies you when your car will run completely out of fuel, a car which will be able to detect the nearest fuel station, a car which will make driving a smooth experience for you.
Created by a Chennai based startup called Fuel Book Technology, this tiny device has the capability to turn any car into a smart car. Deepak John J came up with the idea for Fuel Book through his own experience. Once while driving, his car ran completely dry and he was stranded in the middle of nowhere. That's when the idea of a smart car struck Deepak's mind. Accompanied by an app, the device is self-installable and has the potential to create a smart vehicle right through any car's diagnostic port.

The startup has currently developed a working prototype of Fuelbook and close to entering production stage and for same they have crowdfunding this Smart Car device on Indiegogo and til now managed to get in just 9days an amount of $854USD out of $50,000 USD pledged.

The device is very easy to use. Once you have plugged it in your car, you’re required to download the application and launch it. The next step involves syncing the device over Bluetooth and Voila; you’ve now successfully turned your dumb car into a smart one.

The Fuel Book will not only tell the driver when his/her car will completely run out of fuel but also detect the nearest fuel station and ATM to help them. Along with this, the device also comes with a feature that will allow the user to unlock their car door right from their phones and save time.

Traffic is the biggest dread of a driver and this tiny device makes sure that its users don’t have to face this dread anymore. Using the device, the users will be able to transform their horns into a smart sensing apparatus that will send a message to the driver in the front and know the reason for the hold-up. If you’re one of those drivers who hate surprise bumps or breakers in their way, then don’t you worry because you won’t be getting any such surprises in future. The Fuel Book comes with a special social territory mapping feature that will alert the driver ten seconds prior to a bump in their way.

The device has a built-in accelerometer which takes care of the car’s speed. In the time of emergency, the device will share the driver’s GPS coordinates with his/her registered emergency contact through SMS or with the help of another Fuel Book using the “tag mode” feature.

The device has another super feature called the Al Engine that will collect and send the driver’s behavior data. Based on the user’s travelling history, the device will be able to detect when or where will he/she take a turn or when he/she will hit a break or accelerate. This feature will send a smart notification if there’s any trouble ahead in the way.

The tiny wonder device has an Atmel Smart Cortex-M3 MCU, a temperature sensor, a magnetometer, three-axis accelerometer, and has both RF connectivity and Bluetooth for pairing. The Fuel Book is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android smartphones and even works with Android Wear and Pebble smart watches. It is expected to hit the market November this year.

CarIQ, a Pune based startup has also developed an IoT device somewhat similar to Fuel Book.


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