Get ready to say goodbye to your old buddy Internet Explorer. Though many of us don’t use it anymore and have moved on to fatser alternatives like Google Chrome and Firefox but many of us still have internet Explorer installed in hope of using it someday incase of some emergency.

This farewell time has arrived because Microsoft, the giant behind Internet Explorer, has something bigger and better for all of us.

Called the Edge, the new web browser was kept under wraps as 'Project Spartan' so far.The new browser is expected to be lighter and much more faster than the Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge is Internet Explorer's replacement. The minimalistic "chrome-free" web browser is designed to put websites up front and dispense of everything else — including icons and menus that could potentially slow page loads.

The all-new Windows 10 browser built to give you a better web experience. Write directly on webpages and share your mark-ups with others. Read online articles free of distraction or use the offline reading feature for greater convenience. Microsoft Edge is the new browser that works the way you do.


On the top of all this, the new browser would come with some super amazing new features like a distraction free reading mode, a personal voice assistant app for windows, built-in notation tool and website information powered by Cortana.

"Microsoft Edge is the browser built for Windows 10, and it will be available on the widest range of Windows 10 devices," said Joe Belfiore, Corporate vice president, operating systems group,Microsoft, at Build 2015, a conference of developers.

Stating the reason behind the unique name, Belfiore said, "For us the name refers to the idea of being on the edge of consuming and creating."

"It refers to the developer notion of being closest to the modern capabilities of the Web," he added.

The browser will be different from all the current browsers as it will be able to understand what the user wants and give him/her exactly that. Edge with its built-in Cortana will have the capability to learn and understand the things that the user cares about. The browser would even help the user in getting those things done.
The software giant has already tested it a lot of times and is quite optimistic about its product this time.

Microsoft Edge hosts a new rendering engine, Microsoft EdgeHTML. This engine is focused on modern web standards, allowing web developers to build and maintain one consistent site that supports all modern browsers. This greatly simplifies the hard work of building first class web sites, allowing more time and energy for web developers to focus on reliability and security rather than the complexities of interoperability.

Further, the Edge would even give the users to try their hand at Web coding.
"Now, there's another big thing that we're doing in Microsoft Edge that has huge relevance to you.

"That is enabling users to engage with your sites and give you a shot at starting to write some Web code, which you may put into an app via Web extensions built into Microsoft Edge," Belfiore said.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge is also Microsoft's first web browser to have its voice assistant Cortana directly integrated. Speak naturally to Cortana about anything. Cortana can chat, get info, and do things for you.

Though Edge is a successor to the existing Internet Explorer but the software giant has decided to keep the latter for now. The new browser will only be available for Windows 10 and further.

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