Cariappa and Sudipta don't just run a marketing firm to increase your likes on Facebook and twitter, they are here to help you scale your business. Their proven expertise in marketing, design, and technology has helped organizations engage with their audience intimately.'s clients have won India's biggest football league on debut, been featured as the top Analytics Recruitment Firm in India, established India's first online power trading market place among much else. "The companies work with us due to our unflinching focus on real results," says Sudipta. Inspired to help small businesses do better, he and Cariappa started up and have worked with 30 organizations now. Cariappa is a musician who is also a cofounder at Muzikali.

"Marketing services space is extremely fragmented, but is forever growing, as long as people have products and services to offer. The real differentiation we offer is in our focus on real results, beyond page views, likes and tweets," says Sudipta. "Our growth has been entirely organic with over 95% of our business coming from customer referrals. Besides that, we also create a lot of goodwill through pro bono consulting work for organizations such as 300 Feet," adds Cariappa.

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The company gets its name from ‘Winston Wolf’ from the movie Pulp Fiction who takes charge of the situation and solves problems. With wolf, you can get the following advantages:

  1. Unmatched Expertise: Their team has achieved Alexa < 1000 for websites, virality on social media and won awards for design and technology.

  2. Consistent Results

  3. Increased ROI: Using Design, Technology and Marketing to increase your company's ROI

Based out of Bangalore, the company started in June this year and is bootstrapped. They generate income through revenues. The team is growing through strategic relationships which could be in complementing skill sets or geographies or other organizations. "It doesn’t make sense for us to build a large sales team," says Sudipta. "Also, what we’re most excited about is in taking our ideas to market through consumer applications," adds Cariappa.

We asked them how the experience was when they started, and Sudipta said, “It’s was a chicken-egg situation in the beginning – without experience you don’t get customers and without customers you don’t get experience! So, we are forever indebted to our first few customers for taking the leap of faith.” “The best advice we got was ‘Empathize with your customers’ and we believe that this has helped us a lot!”

As a message for suture entrepreneurs, Cariappa says, "Entrepreneurship tests your resolve – emotionally and intellectually. But, if you persevere through problems, you will come out stronger."

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