Industry veterans from Vodafone, Tesco, Tech Mahindra, Philips, GE and Cisco have joined hands to form an Internet of Things panel in India. The panel will try to build open source Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to solve issues and problems in specific areas such as agriculture, healthcare and education.

The panel will be led by an industry body called Institution of Engineering Technology and Dr. Rishi Bhatnagar, global head for digital enterprise services at Tech Mahindra will be the panel’s chairman.

Other members of the panel include Joy Ranjan Cheruvanthoor, senior Vice-President-strategic alliances and M2M at Vodafone Business Services; Babu Narayan, senior principal scientist at GE Software Research; and Cisco Systems’ principal engineer Mukesh Taneja. Robin Saxby, who is the founder of ARM holdings, has been chosen to be one of the global advisors to the panel.

Internet of Things involves connecting everything from wearable devices and traffic signals to waste control systems and door locks to a huge network.

“The panel will have six working groups on Internet of Things applications which will concentrate on IoT approaches that are being applied across market segments and various businesses. Besides these, the core panel will have a special working group around Internet of Things Labs and on regulatory and legal points," said Bhatnagar in a statement to Economic Times.

The Internet of Things panel will also work on creating a startup accelerator that would combine various components of IoT into useful products.

According to Shekhar Sanyal, country head at Institution of Engineering Technology, India, “There is a large startup ecosystem in Internet of Things space in India. We will provide technical and business mentorship to such startups and also help connect them with investors."  Snayal gave this statement to ET.

The government of India wants the country’s IoT industry to touch the magic figure of $15 billion (Rs. 94,500 crore) by the year 2020. The government is currently working on its 1st IoT policy. Companies expect a significant amount of business from Internet of Things related work and local based software developers such as Tech Mahindra, Infosys and Wipro have already started working on making its way into the market.

The panel will also try to collaborate with other industry bodies which are working on the same issues and problems as them.

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