The makers of Raspberry Pi, a low cost credit card sized microcomputer, have a reason to celebrate. The tiny, electronic device has sold an impressive five million units and that too within just three years of being launched in the market. According to Eben Upton, the creator of Pi, the microcomputer was initially launched with a target of selling just “a few thousand” units over its entire lifetime. It seems the UK based makers had set an over-modest goal for their tiny wonder.

This wonderful product from the United Kingdom comes at an attractive price of $ 25 for Model A Pi and $35 for the Model B Pi. Its attractive price and amazing features have been successful in stirring interest in homebrew computing powered by the Pi. Nowadays, everything from robotics projects to DIY computers are being built with the credit card sized microcomputer at their core. The Pi has also found a huge liking and usage in the whole startup businesses.

The UK based makers launched Pi with an original mission of getting more and more United Kingdom school kids to coding and the microcomputer has been successful in making some real progress there. But, Pi’s impact has not been just restricted to the United Kingdom. According to Upton, the credit card sized microcomputer has gained significant popularity all around the world- especially in North America.

Seeing the success and popularity of the Raspberry Pi, the foundation has recently launched Pi 2, a fully fledged sequel to the Raspberry Pi, in the market. The Pi 2 is said to be six times faster than the original Pi and comes with double the memory space. Even though the Pi 2 is a marked improvement from the original Pi, the makers have still been able to retain the original price of $35.

The Raspberry Pi sequel makes a perfect entry level personal computer at $35. Even Microsoft is trying to capitalize on Pi’s success and has announced to offer its Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi’s users absolutely free of cost. The launch of Pi 2 will surely help the UK based credit card sized microcomputer bump way past its overall sales figure of 5 million units.

Tweeting about its new achievement, the Raspberry Pi Foundation mentioned that it has now become the biggest selling UK computer manufacturer ever.

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