The groundwork of all happiness is your health. Keep it good. And this is what Qurly is trying to help you with.

By the end of 2015, as per a PWC report, Indian wellness market is expected to reach a total evaluation of USD 1 trillion. And, unlike the restaurant market which is full of players of all sizes, this industry is still unexploited and muddled, and this is what Qurly will try to cash in on. Try to be the Zomato of the wellness industry in the country.

Launched in August, 2013 and based out of Delhi; Qurly has entered into this space with an aim to provide you with all the information about various physical wellness centres falling into broad categories of Ayurveda, yoga, beauty clinics, body care, spas, bridal make up, dermatology, face care, fitness centres, skin care, gym, hair care, yoga, weight loss and so on.


We got in touch with Aushotosh, one of the team members, who tell us how the organisation works. "We review any outlet in the city with a brief description about the centre, services offered and contact details along with pictures and advertisements about any discounts and offers available. The website is designed with interactive social features like reviews and recommendations for outlets, services and stylists."

Utsav Somani, the founder, is an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and a Tech Evangelist. He says "Qurly desires to be the online source for all things related to health, beauty and wellness. It's fully functional, user-friendly website will be an online resource for the consumers. With detailed listing for any healthcare and beauty business, operating hours, service list, pictures and reviews, we will take the business to the customer. Users will get answers to questions related to wellness, style, beauty, fitness and health through our curated Q & A section and can always stay updated with our exhaustive list of articles and wellness tips."

At present, more than3000 outlets and 1000+ beauty deals across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad are listed with Qurly. Also, over 15% outlets have gotten in touch with the team to claim their listings and rectify or keep their listings updated. Within 7 months of launch, the start-up was able to attract a monthly traction of more than 55 thousand visitors and around 1800 daily page views. They are planning to expand

However, hiring the right talent, getting authentic data and convincing outlet owners for listing online are few of the herculean tasks that the team has been fronting and are striving real hard to come over them. We wish them all the luck.

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