Have you ever imagined a service that allows you to shop, visit, meet, celebrate and register your presence everywhere right from home!

If not then now you can do it through Proxgy's smart helmet from a Delhi based start up. Proxgy allows its users to book real human beings who will do real world walks for you in real time while you are sitting at home yourself. In order to keep its customers away from the corona epidemic and provide a full real-world experience, Proxgy has built a smart helmet with a 360-degree rotating camera. This camera mounted in a VR powered helmet will do live broadcasting of 3D view.

"The New Normal is Here, Be Everywhere" is the inspiration to make Proxgy! The aim of Proxgy is to give a completely new dimension to people's everyday outdoor activity. Proxgy customers will be able to experience 360 ​​degrees of video and audio live through the camera mounted on top of the smart helmet of the proxy person booked through the mobile application. The special thing about smart helmets is that the high definition camera on the top will be controlled through the customer's mobile app. Proxgy uses patented technology for broadcasting live audio and video to give the customer the most up-to-date experience.

Just as real-time action and movement are revealed in video games, Proxgy also responds in real-time to the smart helmet camera with audio commands and inputs directed by its client from the app. Proxgy's mobile app is so great that it sends live feeds from the smart hatmate's camera to the customer's mobile. On the pattern of VR - virtual reality, it can also be seen on small and big screens, which makes the trip to your home more exciting. 

Pulkit Ahuja, founder of Proxgy LLP, serial entrepreneur, inventor, owner of several patents, believes that "Proxgy started as a dorm room service conceptualized for the elderly and other high risk prone individuals as a pilot in New Delhi during the corona virus citywide lockdown, wherein these people who were at a higher risk to corona virus could stay safe at home while their younger, fitter proxgies navigated the city for them live using an off the shelf whatsapp video call, helping them with their daily chores."

In the pilot project, this concept received such tremendous support that Pulkit prepared it for many cities as well as many verticals. Currently, Proxgy will be used in shopping, virtual travel, old age care, real estate, remote KYC, car servicing, many other sectors as well as B2B and B2C services.

Pulkit Ahuja further states that "These cutting edge technological innovations have helped us to create a truly immersive and exceptional augmented reality experience for the end users. Proxgy is now using 360 degree rotation cameras on Proxgy smart helmets, 3D viewing options, VR head controlled camera movements and one to many broadcasting abilities to provide the end user an ultimate mix of the real and augmented worlds right at their home."

Proxgy is currently operating on a limited customer base under the beta version. For quick service, you can visit www.Proxgy.com or download Android app from Play Store.

About the Founder

An author, Entrepreneur and Inventor, Pulkit Ahuja, 33 has always been a dreamer and an ideator who believes in chasing the unknown and taking up the unthinkable. A rising star in one of world’s largest car rental company, a two time published author, owner of multiple patents and three time entrepreneur, Pulkit’s visionary thinking and a penchant for novelty saw him embark upon a successful entrepreneur journey early on.

With a career spanning over decade, Pulkit’s expertise in converting new or unknown tech ideas into successful business saw him emerge as a serial entrepreneur in disruptive technologies with a series of successful startups in transportation, ad tech & education domains. Embodying a winning attitude and a unique thinking, it is his ability to think out of box that has constantly led him to innovate concepts that cut through the clutter.

Unlockar, Pulkits first startup was a mobile company that presented users selected content on the lock screen of their android phones. The app was very received by users and within just 8 weeks of the launch the app managed to garner .It was also selected as part of Business World Accelerates second batch in 2015 and emerged as a winner of both m Billionth Award South Asia and Madlabs both in the year 2015. Pulkit’s second and more ambitious venture Cabsguru, which covered about 75 Indian cities saw him raise USD 200000 at an USD 3.5 Million valuation. Cabsguru worked as a cab search, compare and booking aggregator with a booking bot called Robocab receiving huge response from users.

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