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To all the readers out there, there’s good news in store for you. Flipboard has traded its signature flipping pages for a fully functional, user-friendly web interface. The web interface will have a plethora of content to offer to its readers which can be accessed here www.flipboard.com

Founded in 2010, Flipboard is a social magazine application for Apple’s iPad tablet computer. The app collects content from social networks and other websites and then presents them in the format of a magazine. The California based company’s app allows its users to flip through the feeds from their social networking sites and other websites that have partnered with the company.

Flipboard unveiled the full version of its magazine aggregated application on the web earlier this week. The new interface is extremely sleek and looks like an interesting mix between Pinterest and Medium.

The magazine like reading platform has had a web version since the mid 2013, but back then, it was more of a placeholder than a fully functional web application. The older version didn’t allow users to log in and get access to their magazine collections. It also had the signature flipping pages of its mobile application, which offered a clumsy experience on the web.

The new web version is completely different from the older version. Rather than flipping pages, the new version has content in modules containing headline, pictures and a leading sentence.  The Hipster by Gus Gostyla, Designica by Flipboard’s CEO Mike McCue and The Explorer by Leland Melvin are some of the examples that show off Flipboard’s new visual capabilities.

The magazine like platform has had some web magazines out on the web earlier too, but the readers would often jump off the pages while flipping pages as it didn’t give them a natural experience of reading a magazine. Flipboard 3.0, which was launched in October last year, focused on creating a product that is native to the web.

Currently, Flipboard has some 50 million active monthly readers who have access to about 15 million individual magazines. The figure has gone up by 5 million since the launch of Flipboard 3.0.

In order to provide a richer experience to its user on the web, Flipboard has added a section called “Explore” for content discovery on the web.  Flipboard has an aim of growing its audience to over 100 million active readers and the web version will only help the company in achieving that.

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