Facebook Now Lets You Choose Who Manages Your Account When You Die

What happens to our Facebook account when we die? I'm sure, many of us might have had this thought at some point of our socially active online life. Many of us might have also experienced the chill of receiving a birthday notification from profiles of people who are no more.

In order to save people of such experiences and thoughts, Facebook has finally launched a new feature called 'legacy contact' that will allow Facebook users to designate a legacy contact for their profile. The legacy contact will handle your profile when you die.

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will now allow its users to choose a person from their friend list who will handle some aspects of their account when they're no more. The previous Facebook policy for the same was to freeze the person's account after death and let it serve  as a memorial. According to some experts, the previous policy was Facebook's neat solution of hiding worrying implications of giving someone else access to the Facebook profile. This policy of the social networking site hurt and upset people who had lost their near and dear ones. 

The designated legacy contact will be able to manage the deceased's account and turn it into an appropriate memorial. They will be allowed to change the profile pictures, write a post that will be displayed at the top of the deceased's account and even manage their friend requests.  The legacy contact would require a prior permission to download an archive of photographs and posts from the deceased’s account. However, the contact won’t be able to see the person’s private messages under any circumstances.

The Legacy contact will only be able to manage certain aspects of the person’s account after his death. The contact will not be allowed to remove tagged photographs of the deceased, edit posts made by him/ her or even the posts which his friends continue to make on his/her Timeline.

In order to choose a legacy contact for your Facebook profile, one needs to open their Facebook account, go to settings, select security and then choose the legacy contact option at the end of the page. You are then required to choose a legacy contact from within your existing friend list and grant them the various permissions. Facebook provides the option to choose only one legacy contact for now.

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