Please give a brief about yourself, your co-founder and your startup.

My name is Sanchit Goel, I along with my college mates- Prateek Verma and Anubhav Goel co-founded PepperScript. The three of us have known each other since the very first day of our engineering and have been great friends since. In 2012, Prateek and I decided we would do something of our own and not work for others, and we roped in Anubhav who was always eager about entrepreneurship. He had to be, we spent the final year discussing all our fantasies about new businesses. Prateek completed his Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering (Now DTU) in 2013, while Anubhav complete Electronics and Communication Engineering and I, Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2012; and have been involved in PepperScript ever since.

PepperScript began with re-publishing of our own book ‘The Bachelors Theorem’ as ‘The November Note’, a temporary frame to our regular lives where investing time delivered learning. But sooner than we thought it took over us and became something much more than just temporary. Today, PepperScript, less than 2 years old is publishing English novels, Hindi novels and Comics, PepperScript has its own design concern and is developing to cater to the design requirements of people which is going to be very interesting.

Whats your vision ?

Vision is the trickiest part of a new venture. You think your vision is the one that you think, but when you are 1/3rd into it, your vision is bit different-more or less. Our vision when we began was to build a publishing house that would not only publish but also nurture young writers into their dreams. With easy process and accessibility, writers could get to proper publishing platform. Now, our vision is to build a publishing house which is diverse and all of the above. With PepperScript’s ‘hindi’ and ‘comic’ publishing imprint, the vision is to rise and shine.

What are the things that Pepperscript is doing different from other publishing houses, your USP ?

There isn’t much different to do in a traditional business like that of publishing, but yes, PepperScript is quicker and cooler. PepperScript is not confined to language and format, we are publishing English, hindi and even comics. We are open to ideas and new concepts of stories. We are not lineated to follow an order or publish only a specific genre. Clearly it is, PepperScript- Publishing with Perspectives. We consider all perspectives and still stay afloat publishing them.

What's the philosophy behind your name?

This, I personally feel is very interesting. We were looking for something that was a little fancy as well peculiar. ‘Pepper’ is like a flavouring agent, adds extra taste while ‘Script’ is the base of our every work. There is nothing more satisfying than a good script. The philosophy, thus, is simple and outgoing, to publish scripts with style, for everybody.

What made you plunge into such an unexplored territory in India?

With exponential growth in Indian publishing sector in the last 5 years, it will be unfair to call this territory unexplored. I think, Indian publishing industry is growing and soon will take a different shape. We had our own experience of being published and the realization of efforts put in not being enough led us to founding our own publishing company. We hope to make a difference to all those new writers and make their dreams come true.

What challenges you foresaw and what surprised you in the journey ?

There were many challenges we foresaw. Two major challenges we thought that would be tough were- brand build up and team build up. Today, PepperScript is working with big names and has a very dedicated and hard working team. All obstructing factors kept aside, PepperScript is fortunate to have walked through the doors of opportunity that came our way. The big surprise was marketing, it is not as easy as assumed. There is so much more to it than what is seen from the outside. Conviction is what keeps you going and your authors are your assets, and collecting such assets is another task. You have to win their trust and respect it, for their scripts is their baby and should be as much loved by the publisher.

How did bringing cartoons back to comic books come to idea ?

There is only one thing that we don’t have when we grow up- childhood. I remember how we watched cartoons endlessly, without a blink as kids, carefree and so happy. Now, it is just work and socializing. The whole idea to bring cartoons to comic form was like a result to our own requirement. Comics don’t need time and lots of concentration, they are easy and absolute fun, and then nothing better than the evergreen Cartoon Network shows, and now the most loved series from Sab Tv.

What are the operational and strategic challenges that you're facing ? and tell me something about your personal challenges ?

We have resources and a confident set up to take care of operational challenges. As per strategic challenges, there isn't any fixed pattern that we follow because, with time we have to evolve and work on our strategy. I believe that rework is a challenge.

Life is a gigantic challenge in itself, and if you want to do something different, you will be surrounded by challenges. Personal challenges are inevitable, but there is one thing I have learnt in course of 2 years. Everytime you come across an unwanted black screen, do not take off your glasses, face it, let yourself grow with difficulties and failures because they will keep you on ground and still flying.

How often do you and your partners fight when there's a difference in opinion ? and what keeps you together there after?

Hilarious. No matter how much I tell you about us, it will be less. Yes, our opinions do differ on a few occasions but at the end of the what matters most is PepperScript, so we come to a common conclusion. PepperScript keeps us together, indefinitely. We have faith in each other and make sure to take one another’s place when one of us goes missing.

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