Do you have just one Wi-Fi router for your entire house? Is its slow speed getting in the way of your midnight movie time? Well, not anymore because Eero, a San Francisco based startup, has a solution for your problem and don’t you worry, it doesn't involve Wi-Fi extenders.

A single router for the entire house can lead to various dead spots here and there, hampering your over all online experience. Rather than depending on one single router for the entire place, Eero suggests deploying a distributed system of smaller devices connected to each other through mesh networking.

The attractive looking design of the device has been designed by industrial designer Fred Bould. He has earlier worked on the Nest Protect and Nest thermostat.

One Eero will cost you $129, while a pack of three comes at a decent $299. According to the San Francisco based company, three Eeros will be enough for providing good connectivity and coverage for a typical house. The first Eero that one installs, hooks up to the existing modem already installed in the house.

Inside, the Eero comes with dual Wi-Fi radios for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections, a 1 GHz processor, 1 GB of storage, Bluetooth 4.0 and 512 GB of RAM.

Along with the hardware, the San Francisco based company has also invented new software that will allow the users to monitor their network. The software even comes with its own iOS and android mobile applications that provide the users with the luxury to check their networks remotely. The users are even provided with an option to set up notifications to see whenever a new device joins their network and share access with them straight from the application.

Eero has several advantages over the traditional Wi-Fi extenders that are currently in use. The really cheap range extenders come with just one radio. This means one is required to constantly shift between them which hits your bandwidth and performance. They also end up creating multiple networks.

On the other hand, Eero’s system creates just one single network, with other individual devices being automatically connected.

Eero is a product of two years of labor which has the potential to end all our Wi-Fi troubles.
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