In today's fast paced life, Smartphones have become our best friends. We practically eat, sleep and even wake up to our Smartphones. The Smartphone manufactures have also been successful in providing us with the latest softwares, processors, cameras and features but the one thing which they still haven’t been able to provide us are Smartphones that would survive for days without charging as our previous mobile phones did.

Most of the Smartphones available in the market right now are not able to survive more than 6-8 hours of constant usage without charging. The battery lives of our Smartphones forces us to keep our chargers always handy and violently look for a plug points wherever we go.  In order to bail us out of this crisis situation, WaferLabs, a Bangalore based startup, has come up with a unique product that will allow you to charge your Smartphone’s battery using someone else’s phone.

HDKey by Bangalore-based startup Waferlabs is a very small device that will be able to charge any microUSB supported smartphone, transfer data and even provide automation to certain tasks by making use of NFC.

Using HDKey you charge your phone using your tablet or any other phone. You can also share GBs of files with 20x bluetooth speed using patent pending HDKey.

Phone to Phone Charging Demo

This device can also be use to charge any other device which supports micro USB port such as phones, cameras and other devices. Many people might think that charging your phone with your friend’s phone might drain your friend’s phone out of charge very quickly, but the startup assures that that’s not the case with HDKey.

HDKey is a better alternative than those bulky power banks available in the market, as HDKey weigh just 6 grams and can easily adjust in the back pocket of your jeans.

The Device also allows data sharing between devices without any battery drainage. Options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are either very slow for data transfer or end up draining the phone’s battery. HDKey can transfer the data 20x faster and that too without any battery drainage.

Founded in 2014 by Ameen Sayeed, Anuj and Huma, HDkey is a Bangalore based startup committed to delivering effective solutions to consumers, automation and healthcare industry. The startup is currently working on technologies and product that can prove to be a boom for consumer electronics and healthcare.

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