A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology.

Technology is one such thing which keeps evolving and changing every second, every minute. The year 2014 saw many breakthroughs in high-tech, space-tech, clean-tech, wearable tech, cyber tech, biotech etc. and 2015 seems to be even more promising on the technology front.

India hogged the limelight last year with its inventions like futuristic mass transport, smart shoes, IoT devices Water ATMs and a devicet hat turn breath into words etc. This year, the country has plans of taking forward the previous year’s momentum and is all set to give out some amazing inventions to the tech world.

We, at IndianWeb2.com have put together a list of ten disruptive areas in which the country’s companies can make a mark in the next 12 months.

Here we go!

  • Immunotherapy


    Pharmaceutical companies all around the world are investing heavily in it. Immunotherapy tries to modulate one’s immune system to fight cancer and autoimmune diseases. It does so by enhancing the immune response and suppressing an overactive immune system respectively. Immunotherapy is an extremely promising field and various Indian companies already established a base for themselves in this field.

    Bangalore-based drug discovery services company Aurigene Discovery Technologies has started one such example which has started working in this hot new area of immunotherapy. Although several global Big Pharma and biotech start-ups have immunotherapy molecules, Aurigene has a completely different class of them and is the only company in the world developing peptides against immune checkpoints, natural mechanisms that cancers hijack to evade the immune system.

    Delhi-based firm Curadev has a few molecules under development, including for cancer immunotherapy, for which it has filed patent applications. The area of immunotherapy is so hot that Curadev had already got enquiries for acquiring this asset, but the company is pressing on to develop it on its own. With all these programmes now accelerating, no one should be surprised if an Indian anti-cancer molecule hits the market in a decade.

    Other companies like Biocon, Invictus Oncology and Apac Biotech are some of examples which can contribute to the field in a large way in the coming years.

  • Ecommerce Optimization & Security

    e-commerce optimization

    The ecommerce market has seen a phenomenal growth in the past few years. This growth in the online commerce has also led to an increase in the need for technologies to optimize the online experience for buyers and sellers. Various Israeli companies are already providing the world with ecommerce solutions and the year 2015 will see these companies moving into software for mobile commerce, affiliate commerce, social-network commerce and various other forms of integrated online business.

    A related aspect of this is the user authentication software. The software will enable users to find out if someone’s online profile is fake or real. This software will be of great help to the users of online dating and services websites like Airbnb and eHarmony.

    In India, startups like TargetingMantra, TookiTaki and Lytkraft are some of examples which can contribute to the field in a large way in the coming years.

  • Computer Vision

    computer vision

    As Wikipedia explains - "Computer vision is a field that includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding images and, in general, high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e.g., in the forms of decisions." Computer vision has also been described as the enterprise of automating and integrating a wide range of processes and representations for vision perception.

    Countries like US, Japan and Israel has always remained ahead of the rest of the world in teaching computers how to make sense of what they "see" by making use of smart algorithms. The country is considered as a world leader in this technology.

    Not much of promising Indian companies are working in computer vision industry, so its one of a field that requires attention from Indian companies and start-ups to grab this one of the hottest disruptive technology in the world.

  • Cyber Security


    In today’s world, where most of our time is spent online, cyber security is one of the major concerns. In the past few years, many Indian companies have come forward with detection tools for cyber attacks. The year 2015 will see the companies focusing on smart analytical and big-data security systems so as to prevent the detection-fatigue caused due to false alerts and manage the existing detection tools in the market.

    In India, Data Resolve Technologies, Secugenius Security solutions, Lucideus Tech, Pristine InfoSolutions, Valancy Networks and Mirox Cyber Security & Technology are some of the companies to watch out for in the Cyber Security area this year.

  • Advertising & Monetization

    advertising and monetization

    India is becoming popular all around the world for algorithmic advertising, also known as programmatic advertising to some.

    Ad solutions based on the wisdom of ad agencies and creative content are a thing of the past. Nowadays computers play an important role in the execution and planning of ad campaigns. In 2014, Israel earned a whopping $3 billion in exports in the advertising and monetization market. This year will see a massive growth in algorithm buying and real-time advertising and placing of advertising space. Mobile advertising will acquire the centre stage in 2015 and Israel will have an important role to play in it.

    In India, InMobi,Komli, Tyroo and Pubmatic are among key player in advertising space whereas Mobobeat is a brand new Goa-based company involved in algorithmic ad serving. ReduceData and AdPushup are other key player in monetization space.

  • Mobile Productivity

    mobile productivity

    India companies have plans of taking your Smartphone’s productivity to a whole new level in the year 2015. Personal assistance mobile applications will combine crowdsourcing and big-data crunching capabilities with sophisticated prediction technology in order to take the user to the next level of efficiency in everything from finding a parking space to planning a meeting and reaching there on time.

  • Wearable & Mobile Health Devices

    wearable health devices

    Wearable Technology and mobile health devices will achieve new heights in the year 2015. The year could see face and eye tracking devices made in Israel being embedded into smart watches or other wearables in order to measure sobriety and diagnose medical conditions ranging from concussion to ADHD to Alzheimer’s. 2015 could also see Israeli knowhow being packaged into more and more mobile devices that could double as monitoring, diagnostic and treatment tools.

    In India, Cochin/Kerala-based RHL Vision Technologies Pvt. Ltd. developed wearable ring called Fin that make your palm as numeric keypad and gesture interface. Another India based startup Ducere Technologies has come up with smart-shoe called Lechal shoes which helps wearer to navigate, tag location, counts your steps, and tracks your calories burnt. Bangalore's Koramangala startup 2mpower Health Management Services Pvt. Ltd. has built a wearable wrist-band called 'GetActive Tapp' which syncs with your smartphone to

  • Smart Data Storage

    smart data storage

    A lot of money was invested in the Indian data storage companies last year. The investment was the result of the growing demand for solutions in storing big data and high-definition, real-time content.

    India made innovative storage products are expected to shake the market this year. The market will see the launch of hybrid software solutions which will allow the combing and management of old and cheap magnetic storage with the very new and slightly costly flash storage.

    Chennai-based MyEasyDocs, Delhi-based Digiswitch Infotech and Bangalore-based CloudByte Technologies are some of examples which can contribute to smart data storage space in India in a large way in the coming years.

  • Machine-Machine & Human-Machine Interface

    human machine interface

    This year will see more and more Indian companies introducing operating platforms, security systems, sensors and detectors for bringing out the Internet of Things revolution in machine-to-machine connectivity, as well as stirring a parallel revolution in human-to-machine interface.

    In India, the most promising startups working in human-machine interface field are - Fin Robotics, GridBots, nKonnect and Solfice. In Machine-Machine interface area CarIQ is key player which looks promising too.

  • Internet of Things


    Internet of Things (IoT) as a vertical is still in its early stages. Experts feel that IoT has the potential to disrupt in a similar fashion as the internet and mobile did. Global giants like Apple, Google and Samsung have sniffed big opportunities early on and are set to launch their consumer-focused smart devices like smart glasses, smart-watches and health monitoring devices.

    India saw many IoT based startups in last one year, CarIQ, RHLvision Technologies, 2mpower Health Management Services, smart-shoes creator Ducere Technologies, Connovate Technology, Ineda Systems and Altizon Systems are some of examples which can contribute to Internet of Things space in India in a large way in the coming years.


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