It's still the first week of the New Year and many of us would have already realised our resolution to come to ground zero reality of failing apart. While others would go that extra mile to keep up with the hope of seeing it turning into reality, it has never been so easy. We all know that.

The most common resolutions people usually make are getting fit, save money, get a better job, get rid of any debt, quit smoking or alcohol and some more on similar lines. We bring to you some of the coolest apps that would help in keeping these resolutions intact.

1. Concur


It is a cloud based service that updates and upgrades automatically. It keeps a track of how your company spends money- travel, expenses, invoices-matter and not just the bottom line. It also helps with productivity in the office and on the road. And they can give you all the information you need to plan for the future. Their customers range from small businesses to the Fortune 500 and can scale up or down based on your company's size, spending goals, policy complexity and travel program needs. A travel expense report can also be generated at the customer’s convenience.

Download - Concur is available for Android and iOS platform based devices for free.

2. Quitter

quitter app

Being a "Quitter" has never been so rewarding! This FREE application will keep track of how long you've been smoke-free and how much money you have saved since giving up smoking. Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult things you will do but a quick glance at the dollar signs on your iPhone will help you stay on track. Go ahead, be a Quitter. Not only will it help you determine the real reasons behind your smoking habits, but it is designed to help motivate you through its character's messages, built-in achievement system, and your social network.

Download - Quitter is available for Android & iOS phones.

3. Soworkit


Sworkit is the app for working out anywhere. Simply choose what part of your body to focus on and how long you have. Sworkit will create a custom circuit training workout using just your bodyweight. Using customizable settings one can set daily and weekly goals. You can also challenge friends on Facebook & Twitter.

Download - Sworkit is available for Android & iOS phones.

4. Monster


Monster is an app best known as a job search tool. The Pre-Interview section of the app is packed with helpful advice and interview strategies, including tips on how to conduct pre-interview research, ask the right questions, and use proper follow-up etiquette. Additionally, the app can offer advice on how to dress for your interview, and automatically send you reminders as the big day approaches.

Download - Monster is available for Android & iOS phones.

5. My Minutes

myminutes app

My Minutes is a time-management app. To get started, you simply have to set up a goal. Using "at least" and "at most" goals like Spend 'at least' 1 hour getting exercise, or 'at most' 30 minutes checking e-mail, My Minutes delivers a two-pronged boost to your productivity. You cut down on wasted time, and spend that time being more productive. Daily starters, Editable goals, Motivational streaks are some of the highlighted features.

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