Importance Of Mentors In A Startup

Ankit is the CEO and founder of AdPushup, a product which helps web publishers optimize their online ad revenues. Previously, he dropped out of college and co-founded Innobuzz, an InfoSec training company. Apart from work, he loves to travel in the mountains and is obsessed with learning languages and Atul is the co-founder of AdPushup, where he heads the technology & product vision. Prior to AdPushup, he co-founded two ventures in the information security space, and dropped out of college for them.He has keen interest in philosophy, behavioral economics and offensive security.

Here is there take on mentors - Having a group of great advisors and mentors is crucial for success. Since an advisor can influence your decisions significantly, it is even more important to choose your advisors wisely. Make sure they are someone, whom you trust and share a comfort level with, above all. People whom you admire for what they've done. The biggest advantage of having advisors and mentors is the perspective they can provide you from their experience - it can save you from reinventing the wheel. A good mentor would be someone who wouldn't hesitate from becoming a devil's advocate and would question your ideas or decisions and trust me - thats more important than we think.

Their key Advisers -

  • Ravi Srivastava: Ravi's knowledge about operating a business in US is just amazing. Every business has it's unique set of requirements basis the stage it is at and Ravi knows exactly what you need, even before you ask for it. He is very thorough and apart from the many thing he has done for us, an important one is to guide us and ensure we don't drink our own kool-aid. Ravi also serves on the board of AdPushup.

  • Sunil Kalra: Sunil brings a vast experience and knowledge across industries, primarily because of his interest in learning and investing across a wide range of businesses. He is very well connected and his experience and knowledge is the core advantage of having him as a mentor.

  • Arun Bansal: Arun is a childhood friend, with exceptional brainstorming skills. Whenever I'm about to freeze something important like a plan, I run it through Arun and then he'd look at it from different perspectives, which helps immensely. In the past, Arun has helped point out a lot of things, which I had overlooked.


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