Hyderabad-Based Health-Tech Startup eKincare Raised $300K Seed Funding

Aayuv Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the Hyderabad Company responsible for eKincare, an online platform that allows people to store and monitor their critical medical information anytime anywhere, has been successful in securing a seed funding of US $300,000(Rs.2 crore) from Adroitent Pvt Ltd, a big name in Healthcare IT and BitChemy Ventures, a city based incubator cum seed fund. The money secured by the company in the funding round will be used for hiring, marketing and further development of the product.

Digital medical history is not something new to the market but eKincare takes the digitization of health-related records to a whole new level. Apart from maintaining your digital health records, it also builds an analytics platform that helps to spot risks in time. It even comes with a mobile application which makes it easier for the users to digitize the physical copies of their medical reports. The service is currently in beta stage.

eKincare provides a single repository for its users to store all their medical records. It gathers information and medical results, records from various healthcare providers and keeps the user’s profile up to date. It then identifies the potential health risks from the collected medical data and motivates the user in taking necessary steps in overcoming those risks. eKincare is absolutely free to use and has no limits on the data storage. It even allows multiple profile management.

“We are lowering all the barriers/excuses to consolidate one’s medical history by providing the platform for free to host all their medical records. We would decipher the info and convert it into a format (color coded, graphical history and timeline) that is easy to understand,” said Kiran Kalakuntla, founder, Aayuv Technologies.

Kalakuntla incorporated the Hyderabad based Aayuv Technologies in September 2014. He quit his job as a product manager at telecommunications giant AT&T and moved back to India to work on Aayuv.

Both Adroitent Pvt Ltd and BitChemy Ventures seemed ecstatic about their association with eKincare.

According to Sunil Motaparti, founder and Director, BitChemy, “At BitChemy, we are always looking for tech companies that can change how an industry works. As the Indian healthcare story evolves, there are tremendous opportunities for this to happen. We believe eKincare’s approach of combining digitization with deep analytics and home healthcare could offer tremendous value to end consumers and change the rules of the game.”

BitChemy is a seed fund cum incubator founded in 2012. It identifies opportunities by analyzing the technology landscape and partnering with enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

“We see a great value in eKincare’s consolidation of medical history like in the west, and building a layer of analytics on the top of it to drive healthy behavior,” said, Srinath DeviReddy, President, Adroitent Pvt Ltd.

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