Information is one such thing that is available in abundance. It needs to be constantly shared to make this world a better and brighter place to live. Contraa, a brand new information sharing mobile application, is here to do just that.

Contraa is developed by a Kerala based software development company, touchQ Software Solutions. It is an ultimate mobile app that enables mass communication of messages, ideas, advertisements and news of all kinds through the internet.

The application provides the users with two types of accounts to choose from. One account type is called Tycoon and the other is called Follower. Tycoon account holders have the power to create and share news, messages, advertisements, videos, audio files and website links etc. through the Contraa profile created by them for their business, institution or organization of any kind. On the other hand, a Follower account holder will receive the advertisements, news and messages created by the Tycoon, provided he/she follows that particular Tycoon’s profile.


Only Tycoon account holders have the option to create and send information, while followers just receive the notifications for information created by the Tycoons. A single user registered as a Tycoon has an option of being the follower of other accounts. A Contraa user can follow as many as accounts he/she wants to.

With a Contraa account, the user can communicate information about their latest events, advertisements, activities, important notices and messages. For example, parents can follow their children’s school Headmaster who is registered as a Tycoon on the app, and receive all the information regarding exam dates, homework, syllabus, class schedules etc. This helps parents to keep in touch with the latest happenings in their children’s academic life.

Contraa can also be used by corporate establishments to keep their shareholders, employees and consumers well informed about the company’s latest moves. The app can be used by new companies in order to establish their brand name on a large scale. Government offices can also make use of the app to keep the citizens informed about all the latest updates in various government schemes.

Contraa is not similar to social media. One significant difference that separates Contraa from social media is the fact that the app offers a one way communication. With Contraa, only a tycoon account holder has the power and means to send messages. Secondly, at contraa, the tycoon is not required to enter or save the contact details of his followers, unlike on social media and other messenger services.

Contraa is a perfect amalgamation of social media and information networks. The app currently has 60 active tycoon profiles which includes two municipalities and ten Grama panchayats. The app is 2.7 MB in size and can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play store.

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