VisitorEngage is a SaaS tech product for online businesses to improve on-site visitor engagement and conversions through behavior based push notifications on the website. It was started by Jagan Ganti and Satish Kanisetti in Dec 2013. It acts as a marketing tool for online businesses to engage with their visitors. They have recently launches a much faster, better and accurate version this year.

"I worked in a SaaS product start up, ClickDesk for over 2 years as a product specialist. And I have also freelanced in the content and digital marketing space. I put both those together and started working on a product which will help all startups," says Jagan. “I wanted to be in the user engagement space and the existing products in the feedback and targeted notifications are either too costly or not very effective,” he adds. He bootstrapped with all his savings and started this up with Satish overnight.

They have plugins for e-commerce and CMS platforms and are also building apps and integration for other 3rd party SaaS services. Their products are already published for wordpress, shopify and kartrocket. "Integration with Google Analytics shows in-depth stats for our users on how their notifications are performing on their sites," says Satish. "The new version of our product is on NodeJS, Hapi, AngularJS and MongoDB. Our v1.0 is in java and Google App engine. We even offer SLA & uptime guarantee," he adds.

  1. Setup in less than 90 seconds:
    A one-time setup process. You can create, edit, delete notifications from your dashboard and the changes reflect instantly on your website.

  2. Website feedback form:
    A simple website feedback button & a fully customizable form for your website to collect feedback from your online visitors.

  3. Proactive notifications:
    An option to run multiple notifications on website based on visitor's location, referral url, page being browsed, time spent on a page and cookies.

Users can also create advanced custom rules based on existing customer's data, use leave intent targeting or top bar notifications with input field to build lists. A clean and simple to use dashboard is like a cherry on top!

They are a 2 member team which works full time on the product along with a lot of interns and freelancers. Their startup is incorporated in the US and Satish handles the work from tier US office and startup's development center is in India. They are expanding fast and looking to hire talented individuals since they have expanded into mobile with their new version. The traction for VisitorEngage for websites has been great so far. ”Once we get the SDKs out, it would enable people to run event based notifications on native mobile apps easily,” says Satish.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Jagan says, "I’d advice against starting up for anyone who’s looking to make a quick buck. Be prepared to lose your energy, time and money."

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