A laptop for Gokul in Chennai, roller-skates for Pinky in Delhi and a watch for Hiral in Mumbai. Today, online shopping has made life so easy for us in India, everything is delivered at our doorstep. But have we ever wondered about those who bring them to us?

Saying 'Thanks!' is a common courtesy you should show to every one, from a waiter, auto driver to the guy who cleans your garbage. During GOSF 2014, India's most popular online shopping festival, Google decided to thank the nameless, unsung heroes of the e-commerce industry: the delivery men.

As almost all delivery men have to drive two-wheelers and every day, these men ride their bikes with heavy bags on their backs to make our lives a little simpler. Each day, thousands of these delivery from various e-commerce stores ride across the length and breadth of this country to make this possible without even a little 'thank-you' in return.

Druing GOSF 2014, India's most popular online shopping festival, Google India decided to do something special
for these nameless heroes and Google decided to gift them a fancy driving Helmets with their names printed on it and their reactions will touch your heart.

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