Have fans? Get paid to promote brands on facebook or twitter.

Womans Era, a leading magazine wanted to monetize its online reach of around 1 million (10 lakh) fans on its verified facebook page. It got an offer of $30 on to post just one status update about a fashion brand, Kias. The magazine earned extra revenues and the brand got instant visibility as the post was liked by more than 500 people on the first day itself. Most of the likes were from women who shop online, a target segment difficult to reach otherwise. Kias made online sales of $1200 (Rs. 75,000) in a day and the traffic on its website also went up more than 10 times.

"People are fed up of being marketed to, so they generally ignore paid ads therefore advertisers are now hiring social influencers to convey their message to the right target audience. It gives them higher RoI as compared to paid ads because recommendations from influencers appear as normal posts in the newsfeed of followers and have higher reach & impact." said Sandesh Wadhwa, co-founder of fromote. He is a Chartered Accountant and alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Influencer marketing is already popular in the West. According to 2014 State of Sponsored Social Report by Halverson Group - 52% of marketers used paid online influencers within the past year, second only to display ads (58%). Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashain regularly post sponsored content on social media. It is also picking up in India as brands are now opening up to the idea of hiring social influencers.

How it works?

Fromote is an influencers’ marketplace, on which anyone with good number of friends / followers can register free of cost as an influencer to utilize this earning opportunity. Advertisers post their campaigns and influencers bid on them as per their niche area. Advertisers can also check influencers’ social media reach, target audience etc. They can also exchange messages with each other to fix the price and frequency of postings etc.

Many influencers have already registered on the website, taking its total reach to over 40 million! Advertisers have also created many creative projects to promote their brands, websites, movies, music concerts etc. "We are also getting celebrities influencers on board as they have huge reach and are preferred by brands" said Wadhwa

With increasing internet penetration and digital spending, influencer marketing is all set to grow in the near future. So next time you wish to engage influencers to promote your brand or to make money from your social media presence, try!

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