Samsung develops five times faster WiFi technology

Imagine a Wi-Fi speed five times faster than your current one. Won’t life be so much faster and easier? Sounds unbelievable? Well, Samsung Electronics has made this impossible thing possible by coming up with a Wi-Fi technology that has the capacity to increase the data transmission speed by at least five times the maximum rate that is currently possible with the existing consumer electronic devices.

According to an email statement given to the Economic Times by the South Korean technology giant, the 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology will allow the users to transfer a 1 GB movie between devices in less than three seconds while allowing the streaming of uncompressed high definition videos in real time. The statement also added that the new Wi-Fi technology will help in removing the gap between actual and theoretical speeds. The new technology will exhibit an actual speed which is more than ten times faster than the existing Wi-Fi technologies.

According to Kim Chang Yong, head of a Samsung R&D centre, “Samsung has successfully overcome the barriers to the commercialization” of the 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology. He also added that several new and innovative changes await the next generation devices of the company, while new opportunities and possibilities have queued for further development of Wi-Fi.

The announcement of this new Wi-Fi technology by the South Korea based company comes at a time when the company is launching several new products in the market in order to give a fierce competition to its competitors. The technology giant had recently announced about a 60% loss in its quarterly operating profit as a result of its stagnant Smartphone sales. The company at the same time also announced about its plan of building a brand new plant in South Korea with a $14.5 million investment in order to meet the increasing demand for semiconductor chips.

According to the technology giant the commercialization of this 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology can be expected to take place in the early part of next year. The company has plans of applying the new Wi-Fi technology to a wide range of products, including telecommunication equipment, and audio-visual and medical devices.


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