Microsoft To Launch SmartWatch Within Few Weeks

Microsoft, the technology giant, is soon going to make its debut in the wearable device market in the coming weeks, according to some reports. Whether the wearable device is a fitness watch with limited smartwatch capabilities or a smartwatch with fitness band capabilities is not clear yet.

According to the reports, the wearable device is all set to have a screen but maybe not a big one. The device will be able to support cross platform notifications from Windows, iOS and Android Phones. It will further be able to monitor your heart rate even when you’re sleeping. The device’s battery will be able to withstand two days of regular usage.

The wearable marvel from Microsoft is expected to compete with the Apple Smartwatch that was launched last month. The Apple Smartwatch which combines the best of fitness and health tracking with basic communications is expected to hit the markets in the early part of next year. The Microsoft device will also compete with Samsung's Galaxy Gear which was unveiled long back in 2013.

Microsoft Smartwatch will not be confined only to Windows ecosystem. As CEO of Microsoft Nadella believes that Microsoft services and products must compliment all platforms, Microsoft Smartwatch will work with both Android smartphones and iPhone, besides Windows Phone OS.

The upcoming Microsoft smartwatch will draw on optical engineering expertise from Microsoft's Xbox Kinect division to continuously measure heart rate through the day and night, moreover the battery will last for two days, roughly on par with Samsung's Gear Fit.

The watch will look similar to Samsung's Galaxy Fit, sources have confirmed, but offers many more intuitive features than a smart fitness tracker or band.

The timeline for the watch's release date is unclear but Microsoft could be gunning for as soon as December this year.

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