Have you ever done something extremely stupid or funny that you wanted to share with the world but couldn't because that would make you like a fool.  Well, now there's a solution for that. Vavia Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a Bangalore based startup has launched Confess, an app that allows its users to confess anything and everything and that too anonymously.

Confess acts like a platform where anyone and everyone can share their funny, dark secrets, get over the guilt of some unpleasant event, ease one’s regrets, rejoice some silly moments and much more. The application has been very thoughtfully created and has the potential to keep you hooked for days and nights.

The app is currently only available for Android users and can be downloaded free of cost here.

The app comes packed with a lot of interesting features which makes confessing even more interesting and fun. The app not only allows us to confess our darkest secrets anonymously but it also gives us the option to select from a range of beautiful backgrounds for our secret. The app even allows you to go through other confessions like the ones posted by your friends, local confessions (from people around your town or city) or the most popular ones on the platform. It even gives you an option to comment or chat with other confessors on the platform. To make things more interesting, fun and spicy, the platform also provides you with an option to create your very own private confession group- include your college, school and tuition friends etc. and talk anonymously about crazy incidents like crushes, pranks etc that too without anyone’s feeling get hurt.


Confess is like a blessing in today’s modern world where we often end up doing fun, stupid, crazy things which we don’t want people associated to us to ever know. Confess is like a secret keeping friend whom we can trust with our darkest secrets.

The most interesting feature of the platform is that it allows the confessor to choose his/her audience. While the confessor makes a confession, he is provided with an option to let his confession appear in his friend’s feed and if you have some second thoughts of sharing it with certain friends, you can always exclude them from seeing your confession.

Vavai technologies, the company behind the app, was founded by Alan D’Souza in 2008. Currently the company is a 15 member talented team picked from different disciplines working hard towards providing world class mobile and web solutions to people all over the world.

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