Injuries and athletes go hand in hand and sometimes these injuries can prove to be a dead end for their careers. Currently, many athletes in India depend on their own experience and coach’s knowledge while overcoming these injuries. In order to keep these injuries in check and help the athletes increase their career duration, two youngsters Shuvadeep Sarkar, 34 and Anshuman Singh, 36 have come together and opened a company called ReTiSense.

ReTiSense implies Real Time Sensing- meaning providing relevant feedback and guidance to the person concerned. The company believes in the principles of building technology and solution with the sole intention and purpose of providing people with actionable guidance. The company further thinks that technology needs to be easy to use and understand and just fade away in the background, but it should at the same time able to add real value into the user’s life.

The startup based in Bangalore started functioning in June this year. It is being considered as one of the fastest growing Internet of Things (IoT) startups and is soon planning to launch its first wearable product in the market. The wearable is called Stridalyzer and is a sensor fitted insole like thing which can be easily fitted into any footwear and used to predict and detect foot and knee injuries and inform the user about the percentage of risk involved.

The product is still in its prototype phase and will most probably be used with an application on Android and iOS platforms. It may also offer various performance improvement measures to its users. IoT is a hot trend in the technology world nowadays as it allows gadgets to be connected and be co-dependent on each other.

ReTiSense has been successful in raising an angel seed of about $45,000 from undisclosed US based strategic partners. Stridalyzer will be the first such product in India but it will have to face tough competition at the international level from GOQii, Belgaumbased SenseGiz and Connovate Technology etc. who have already established a name for themselves.

The company will also offer a premium paid service which will include a fitness or health expert who will be connected to the device or app. The service will be launched in the latter part of next year.

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