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September 3, 2014 saw the launch of Baidu's (China's Internet giant & largest search engine) own version of the Google Glass but minus the screen. The device is called "Baidu Eye" and its working prototype was recently shown at the company's world conference held in Beijing. The device was first announced in April 2013.

Unlike the Google Glass, Baidu's device doesn't have any screen or optical display. The device looks more of a wraparound headset which easily rests on the top of the user’s ear. The device has a camera on its right arm and an earpiece on its left arm. According to the company, the camera can be used for recognizing objects, taking photos and analyzing information in the user’s surrounding.

baidu eye

The device uses an app to send information to a user's mobile device. The mobile device could be a tablet or smartphone. According to Baidu, this method of sending information makes it easier to browse than on a small, mounted screen and it even consumes less energy as a result of which the battery lasts longer.

The device is capable of syncing information both aurally and visually. Baidu Eye provides almost the same kind of functionality as the Google Glass. It features gesture and voice commands, including 'circling an object using your finger' and 'expanding to zoom'. Baidu Eye is also capable of finding products, such as clothes and handbags, on ecommerce sites.

baidu eye

Prior to the products launch, the company's CEO Robin Li had said that he expects that picture and voice based searches will exceed online text based queries in the next five years.

Baidu is said to be China’s largest search engine and the company is making use of its own data analytics technology to feed information to the Baidu Eye.

Baidu Eye is still in its prototype stage and that’s why the company couldn’t unveil any information about its availability or pricing. So, mover over Google Glass and say Hi! to screen less Baidu Eye.

baidu eye

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