Lowfundwala is Mumbai based startup for 'startups'. Lowfundwala creates storified videos for startups. They began their journey late 2013, and have gone on to establish themselves as industry favorites among early and growth stage startups all over India. It all started when Kashyap (the founder) bought a camera from his own pocket money and created a promo video for a college senior's startup, flat.to. "The video was widely appreciated by other startups, which meant I worked part-time in my final year of college, while networking with the most promising talent from the media industry to form a crowd-source resource pool for future projects. Networking and talent discovery is still at the core of our Startup. We make it a point to give incredibly talented technicians their first breaks," he says.

The co-founder Ardra brings bucket loads of experience into LFW. She has worked on independent film campaigns such as Ship of Theseus and Gulaabi Gang. The company caters exclusively to startups. Lowfundwala is also one of the few digital media startups that offer a complete video solution. "Not only do we conceptualize, produce and post-produce the content, but also offer marketing and dissemination services for these," says Ardra.

[caption id="attachment_94710" align="aligncenter" width="700"](L-R) Kashyap (co-founder), Gaurav Juyal (Host, Art-attack) and Ardra (Co-founder) (L-R) Kashyap (co-founder), Gaurav Juyal (Host, Art-attack) and Ardra (Co-founder)[/caption]

Lowfundwala is a team of 3 young, qualified, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs. They plan to double in a while and take up more projects and expand to Pune, a fast growing startup hub in India. They have received a seed investment from Mona Raina. An entrepreneur herself, Mona started Mrigya Ventures. Mona is also a partner and Advisor to Lowfundwala. She has an immense experience in consulting for media firms. Their panel of mentors includes the best people in the industry like Kamal Swaroop and Priya Krishnaswamy (Both national award winning filmmakers with an international reputation), Gautam Nair (FTII, Dual National Award winning sound designer), Gaurav Juyal (NID, Animation. Host of Disney's "Art Attack").

[caption id="attachment_94709" align="aligncenter" width="700"]In the photo, Kashyap (founder) with Mr. Piyush Mishra,  Ardra (Co-founders), Gaurav Juyal (Host - Art Attack), Dushyant Singh Pundir (Animator) In the photo, Kashyap (founder) with Mr. Piyush Mishra (Guest), Ardra (Co-founder), Gaurav Juyal (Host - Art Attack), Dushyant Singh Pundir (Animator)[/caption]

They are in talks with a few leading startup communities to be their official media partners. We're also inking long-term contracts with a few of our current clients. As of today, nearly 70% of Lowfundwala's clients are repeat customers. They have worked with Direct i, Haptik, and Instamojo on their first few projects. They just made a video for Commonfloor. The video was executed over a month's time and reached 27,000 hits in a week without active marketing. This is an organically viral video that has a very long half-life due to nature of content. This is their 3rd video for commonfloor.

Infected by the advertising bug and backed by some of the most experienced members of the film and television industry, Lowfundwala is working towards a vision that one day, startups that dare to think different will have access to quality demo videos. They now offer complete digital video advertising solutions, right from conceptualization to scripting to shooting and finally post-producing and delivering.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Kashyap says, "While hiring, I always ask 'Do they have the ability to learn, and the willingness to fail?' while speaking to candidates. This has been my mantra, and I think it could work for other entrepreneurs too."
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TteWf_e4BTo?rel=0]


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