We are living in a world where more than 70% of people use phones for online shopping and almost every e-commerce company has a mobile app. As a frequent online shopper, I have to download the apps of all companies to browse through the product listings and then look for coupons separately. Himanshu Grag and Naman Varshey realized this problem and made a solution for shoppers like me who don’t like too many apps on their phones.

Shoppoke is a single app created to connect the user to thousands of retail stores. This app is going to repair the M-commerce industry and improve the retail shopping experience at a large scale. Himansu and Naman, IIT Roorkee passouts, have built an open platform where any retail business can join and connect to millions of customers while maintaining their brand value. "Mobile has a lot of sensor like camera, GPS, 3g which can be used to improve retail shopping experience," says Himanshu, Ex-Google engineer.

This app has a lot of advanced features in it. Customers can do real time chat with a company, find out coupons in same screen while browsing a store. "Not just that, we autosave the products browsed by the customer. This makes it easy for them to get back to their choices easily," says Naman. "We are merging the all disjoint pieces in one single mobile application," he adds. They believe that ETC (Execution, Teamwork, Communication) - All 3 are important to run an organization.

[caption id="attachment_94392" align="aligncenter" width="700"]shoppoke screenshot Shoppoke Android App[/caption]

The 4 member team is now going to launch an app on IOs and Windows phones soon. "The app uses a lot data crawling, mining, analysis to provide the best options to the user," says HImanshu. They are partnering with a lot of retailers to showcase their products on Shoppoke.

This Bangalore based startup is focusing to sign up with most of the online retailers and later will try to get offline retailers also onboard. They are non-funded and bootstrapped some service projects to get the initial money to startup.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Naman says "Don't think much, Jump and sail. If you are engineer, take some service projects to build your runway. Else have at least 2 years finance with you. Idea will evolve and change a lot.” Himanshu on the other hand gives a hiring tip to potential founders. He says, "Look out for Attitude, Aptitude and Aspiration in your employees and potential hires."

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