fitquickly is an upcoming startup based out of Poland. It claims to be the first interactive platform which specializes in dietetics.  It empowers people who are in need of dietary guidance to get face-to-face professional advice from experts through video chatting.

Fitquickly is a group of nine members who work very hard to achieve one common goal i.e. provide online solutions and advice to people having nutritional and dietary questions.  They believe prevention is above treatment and that small steps taken every day would slowly and steadily have a great impact on our body.

At Fitquickly, the mission is to give everyone an opportunity to get an expert opinion online.  In the age of internet where neither language, nor borders are a limit anymore, Fitquickly is a great initiative. In the coming future, the company not only aspires to be the most recognized and popular online platform for nutrition and diet queries but also the world’s leading diet centre. comes packed with a lot of features.  It has a very friendly and easy to use video chat tool. It also comes with an easy to use calendar where you can easily schedule all your future appointments according to the time which best suits you.  To make sure that it users get the highest quality, it has a worldwide system of references.  There is no initial fee involved and the site also has a full secured data storage feature.

The procedure involves five simple steps. Firstly, you sign up with them on  Secondly, you search for an expert who best suits your needs. Third, you book a session with your chosen expert. Fourth, you get consulted from the expert. In the fifth and last step, you achieve your goal. It is that simple. also gives a number of benefits to its users.  It lets its user pick the dietician which suits their needs and schedule.  It has a great privacy feature where all the users’ data remains safe and hidden. All thanks to the time difference across the globe, you can make 24/7 appointments for instant video consultations. Further, the consultations are 30 minutes long and allow free files sharing during a meeting. In all, is an excellent initiative and is as easy as online shopping.

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