Very soon, 20 percent of the PCs being shipped out of Japan will be housed with much better energy conservation system and technologies than before and this innovation by the Japanese has an Indian connection. The solution for better energy conservation system and technologies was provided by a Mysore based clean energy startup called Vigyanlabs based out of Mysore, India.

The startup is an innovation driven organization which believes in building products that promote green computing. It was founded in the year 2008 by Srinivas Varadarajan and Srivatsa Krishnaswamy. The startup in its four year of functioning till now has been successful in attracting some great minds of the country in building technology products and creating new Intellectual Property so as to deliver the startup's IP and knowledge base to the masses rapidly.

The startup has a vision of being a highly innovative science and technology company providing 'clean and green' solutions. It further has an aim of enabling all its customers to create robust, innovative and affordable IT products and solutions. In order to fulfill its vision and aim, the organization follows a set of five rules, they are: Respect for nature and life, high customer satisfaction, encouragement for individual ability, creativity and hardwork, integrality and responsibility and finally social responsibility.

During the time of its formation, the organization had looked into some of the key problems being faced by the world then and eventually zeroed into the space they can help effectively by their skillets. The organization chose "power management of IT infrastructure" as its core business area. The startup's first product has been IPM+ to enable Intelligent Power management in PCs, mobile and data centres.

ipm plus for mobile

The IPM+ for Mobile is a battery saver app makes use of innovative algorithms in order to manage power consumption in tablets and mobile phones. The IPM+ also increases the performance of the device by cleaning up unused memory and causes near zero battery leakage when the device is not being used. The product has been certified for all Android phones and is available in three variants- Lite, Pro and Premium. Pro and Premium variants are available as free trial versions here and here respectively.

The IPM+ for desktops enables upto 50% extra battery life in laptops and energy savings in PCs. It works effectively on Windows and Linux. The product enables fine-grained power optimizations by making use of its proprietary algorithms. It enables savings in a fully automated and non-intrusive manner.

The IPM+ for Enterprises promises to deliver a three-fold impact for its customers. The IPM+ is considered as an ideal tool for CIO in order to enable ‘green computing’ and gain a huge return on investment by the means of IT operating cost reduction.  As far as the CFO and COO are concerned, the product can be used as an easy to implement mechanism for the delivery of strong and stable sustainability results with a short period of time and for energy cost reduction.

The startup was recently enlisted by Gartner as one of the "Cool Vendors in Green IT and Sustainability".

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