CrazyHeadSolutions is a student based startup, started by 2 determined students, Vaibhav Sisinty and Vineet Ganti pursuing their engineering third year. They have become a one stop solution to companies by providing Web Designing, Branding, Online Marketing and Creative content. They are now 11 months old and running successfully. Started with 2 people, they have grown to a team of 32 students from all over the country. CrazyHeadS is also a Microsoft Bizspark Start-up.

"One of main motto of CrazyheadS is training passionate students with the latest trend of technologies giving them the right push ant the right time, leave them with a spark, and they soar high," says Vaibhav. "Most of them joined us and did live projects which boosted up their profile and clients get innovative solutions because the ideas comes from young brains," adds Vineet. They have trained around 45 students for around 3 months.

Vaibhav and Vineet are both students of GITAM University, Vizag. All the operations of their startup are managed from the science activity center of the college. "The College has been really supportive helping out entrepreneurial mindset students. GITAM University has provided the students a vast approach on how to scale up as an entrepreneur and now, the University has setup a successful Entrepreneurship – Cell co-founded by us," Vaibhav adds proudly.

[caption id="attachment_95072" align="alignleft" width="335"]founders_crazyheadssolutions Vineet Ganti (L) and Vaibhav Sisinty (R), Founders - CrazyHeadsSolutions[/caption]

CrazyHeadS is completely a student run platform. Web Designing is taken care of by engineering students, Business Development for companies is handled by students pursuing MBA and Legal matters are handled by students pursuing LLB. "So, every aspect of it is taken care by students of different fields and we are trying to open this in different places in India so that students get an amazing experience of working for a company while they are already pursuing their education," says Vineet.

CrazyHeadS has expanded to Hyderabad and Berhampur (Orissa) as well and they plan to start it in Chennai, Vellore and Bhubaneswar from the next academic year. They take maximum 72 hours to make a website, and have a record time of completing it in 8 hours. They also provide the following services:

  • Brand identity

  • Graphic and print designing

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Social media marketing and Online Marketing

  • Animated videos

  • App development

Apart from these, the CHS has a venture where they conduct workshops in different college and universities. They have successfully conducted 9 workshops training more than 3500 students in association with Ankit Fadia and many others. The team deals with both national and international clients. They are currently not funded but looking for new talent to expand fast. They recommend the future entrepreneurs to stick to their dreams.

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